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MuchLessTiredNow Thu 21-Aug-08 18:34:02

what are your best quick anecdotes about twins in their first 18 months - best and worst stories.... would love to know.

Tortington Thu 21-Aug-08 18:38:44

dd was ill and cried all the time. - let me add at thispoint that i don't give a hell of a lot of creence to 'twin' things that spookily happen - especially with non ID. however i am certain that ds was an angel baby becuase he just knew that i couldn't deal with much more.

certain of it.

when they were at school ds was faced with two bullies ready to beat him up after school - dd came over and jumped on the back of one of the lads - literally - not first 18 months but makes me smile - becuase they didnt ever really have a hell of a lot to do with each other being B/G with an older boy -the boys stuck together. but they always stuck up for each other
dd still does in fact always has done.

MuchLessTiredNow Thu 21-Aug-08 18:42:16

cheers custardo - good to hear - didn't mean spooky twin stuff, just stuff that made you as parent smile or grit your teeth

dairymoo Thu 21-Aug-08 20:53:41

When my DTs used to suck on each others noses when they were asleep...must have been about 2 weeks old at the time.

MuchLessTiredNow Thu 21-Aug-08 21:02:13


frumpygrumpy Thu 21-Aug-08 21:31:55

I'm going to link our daily thread into this.....I think you'll get a whole heap of replies from the girls......grin

frumpygrumpy Thu 21-Aug-08 21:40:08

I'm going to trawl the thread when I have time to post mine.......grin it was too traumatic to relive by typing it again.

The other one that nearly made it was the day I walked into my kitchen to find one newly able to walk DT eating the contents of the bucket whilst the other newly able to walk DT was walking on two tall legs along the worktop......

penona Thu 21-Aug-08 21:46:32

My 14mo DS was having a little wail on my lap the other day and DD came over with a dummy she had rummaged from my bag and popped it in his mouth and patted his head! It was very sweet (although the dummy was a filthy one salvaged from the car so had to be quickly removed...)

I remember a bath time, around 7mths, when my DD realised DS had something rather interesting between his legs and kept playing with it, much to his amusement! Not so sure about that one...

MarsLady Thu 21-Aug-08 22:36:14

if you do a search on toilet duck and my MN name... I think you'll find more than you care to know. lol grin

MuchLessTiredNow Fri 22-Aug-08 08:53:40

thanks girls - I look forward to reading it!!

frumpygrumpy Fri 22-Aug-08 10:26:58

By frumpygrumpy on Thu 08-Feb-07 11:17:07

So......I came upstairs to put away laundry.........

The DTs were playing happily, popped up to see me, created mess in every room and I told them to go back downstairs and watch some telly while I finished up.

When I got downstairs my face went from this shock to this angry to shock to angry. I shouted so hard I hurt my throat .

It seemed to be DT1 who was the culprit as she was filthy and DT2 was immaculate. He also said "DT1 did it" and she denied nothing.

She had climbed onto the worktop and pulled down a bouncy ball kit of DDs that I had laid out for she and me to use up. You pour sandy crystals into a mould, add water and hey presto you have a bouncy ball.

DT1 had dragged it onto the floor, ripped open the box where some sachets were open and spilled them all over my kitchen floor. I think she then attempted a clean up as 3 cloths and 2 pairs of marigolds were mixed in. She added half a bottle of washing up liquid to the mess, mixed it all up and when I came in the floor was a sea of sandy crystals and washing up liquid. It was also on my cupboard doors, the worktop, her hair, her skirt, her brand new tights that had only been on 2 hours, her brand new top, her chin, and at the other end of the kitchen, my rug and a neat little pile in front of the TV.

Now the really bad bit was that because of the sandy bouncy ball crystals I could not rinse anything down the sink because they would congeal and stick to the pipes. So I had to fill basin, upon basin, upon basin, wipe and run out to the garden to empty it, refil and begin again. The amount of washing up liquid just turned into slime. The crystals congealed on my floor as soon as I attacked them with a cloth and then sank to the bottom of the basin where they stuck on.

I had to scrape, wipe and rinse, run to the garden. Its not a small room as it is a kitchen/family room in one - I began the clean up at 10.30am and finished 2 hours later.

We got all cleaned up and they pooed. (I was also trying to go out to visit my gran)

THEN, last night I was cooking dinner when DT1 (AGAIN!!) decided to go into the cupboard under the stairs. I have a table that sits in front of the cupboard with picture frames, a big candle and my lovely, huge, fragrant bunch of lillies my brother brought for my birthday. She opened the door, whacked it off the table and sent my lillies flying to the floor in a great puddle, every stem snapped and the worst bit, yup, I have a lovely pile of bright orange pollen stains on the carpet. The pasta boiled over and DT2 pooed at the same time. I never put flowers on that table for that very reason so why did I do it?

I'm trying to laugh but I don't think enough time has passed.

<<fg hears quiet from the kitchen, worries and runs downstairs>>

By frumpygrumpy on Thu 08-Feb-07 11:19:53

By the way, if you use half to three quarters of a bottle of washing up liquid on your floor, it takes hours to clean but your floor does end up very very very clean.

frumpygrumpy Fri 22-Aug-08 10:28:59

I found mine! It doesn't look half as bad now!!!! grin Those crystals were hell. They set hard in minutes. I remember a pile of hard plastic outside the back door where I had to keep empyting the basin. Later I had to get a spade and scrape it off. <<sigh>> And I think I'd like more children................

frumpygrumpy Fri 22-Aug-08 10:35:17

This is the event know as ToiletDuck.......grin

By MarsLady on Mon 14-Aug-06 21:41:47

Once upon a bedtime two angelic creatures clasped their milk and said night night.

Their gorgeous mother kissed them and closed the door and went downstairs where she proceeded to clean the kitchen and use MN.

The aforementioned gorgeous mother sent her DD1 to bed. She had stayed up late with permission and because gorgeous mother was on MN and couldn't be arsed to send her before.

A great cry came from upstairs. DD1 was sobbing uncontrollably. The angelic creatures had become candidates for adoption and/or military school. They had broken into the toilet and taken a bottle of toilet duck. They somehow managed to open said bottle and pour the contents all over DD1's bed and carpet. It was clear to gorgeous mother that they had been rolling in it. Their bodies were a pale shade of green. She sniffed their mouths and was reasonably convinced that they hadn't drunk any.

Gorgeous mother was last seen distributing leaflets along the road which said..........

"Darling Twins need new home. Gorgeous boy with chocolate drop eyes and gorgeous girl with same. Beautiful long curls. Love most foods and toilet duck. Please collect immediately!"

MarsLady Fri 22-Aug-08 10:57:05


mumoftwinz Wed 27-Aug-08 17:32:21

The time when mine emptied the contents of the fridge out onto the floor...(all DH could say was 'where were you when this was happening?')..the time when they got into the adults only sitting room (ie not childproofed) and one took all the black coals out of the fireplace and placed them on the cream sofa and cream carpet whilst the other went to the drink cabinet and poured an entire decanter of whisky onto the carpet. We could tell who had done what as one smelt of wiskey and one was black! Or the time when I'd cleaned the house from top to bottom, (house for sale, viewers coming later)they were in the garden and threw the contents of huge plant pot everywhere, (100 lts) compost all over the patio, in the gravel, on the windows etc....or the time when......

MarsLady Wed 27-Aug-08 21:58:46


MERLYPUSS Wed 27-Aug-08 22:47:42

When I tickle DT1 and DT2 (6 mths)laughs more than him. Or when we are trying to put them down for a nap and they are laughing at each other and keeping each other awake. No horror stories yet. Give 'em time.....

accordiongirl Fri 29-Aug-08 17:56:38

(Aged 10 months)
When DS was ill and crying, and DD picked up a toy and crawled over to give it to DS

Later when DD caught the illness from him and she was ill and crying and DS crawled over and bit her foot. Hard.

ItsMrsMommaFeelGoodToYou Fri 29-Aug-08 18:04:05

Message withdrawn

ItsMrsMommaFeelGoodToYou Fri 29-Aug-08 18:14:33

Message withdrawn

ItsMrsMommaFeelGoodToYou Fri 29-Aug-08 18:14:35

Message withdrawn

ItsMrsMommaFeelGoodToYou Fri 29-Aug-08 18:15:52

Message withdrawn

Litchick Mon 01-Sep-08 21:45:22

I remeber one time I answered the ohone and took a work call. When I got back the kitchen door was open and the twins had 'escaped'.
They had somehow worked tgether to open it which must have involved one standing on the other's back.
I can imagine the converstaion.
T1. Is she gone?
T2 Yes, let's do it.
They were 13 months.

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