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Staying away with twins + 1 -advice (and any tips for places near Winchester)

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Mardvagen Fri 07-Aug-15 14:26:05

Hi All,

Wow, how is the world geared towards the nuclear family (2+2)! We've been invited to wedding just outside of Winchester and they've made a point of saying to everyone with children that they're welcome and they're putting on kids activities, games, etc. So far so good, but there's a spanner in works, we got 1DD (5yr) and 2 DS (2yr now - 3yr on the day of the wedding!)

When we came to try and book somewhere to stay we can't find a thing. If hotels have a family room it's always 2+2, cottages are a minimum of 3 nights and very expensive, even looked on AirBnB and the only place we can find is close to £400 for a night!

So, what do people do? sneak the other one in (though I reckon we'll be busted trying to sneak through a double buggy, 2 boys, 1 5 yr old, and the assorted paraphernalia)? Or does anyone know anywhere suitable around Winchester (Shawford/Twyford way/South)?


addictedtosugar Sat 08-Aug-15 08:35:38

If you had two rooms at a travel on the or similar, could you do one adult and 1/2 in DS in each? Ring before check in to see if they can be next to each other?

Any big hotelsvwho have interconnecting rooms?

A very small B&B (ie with 2rooms) so you can feel a bit better with kids in a different room?

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