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Feeding. Needing help? Please?

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Rebecca1608 Wed 05-Aug-15 11:57:46

So a few weeks ago I posted a thread about my twin girls not feeding at the same time I was up all the time etc now it has gone completely the other way and i am worried!!!!! My girls are 10 weeks old now and i have worked out are only having 4 feeds in 24 hours. Taking 5 or 6oz. I was feeding them 6 times in 24 hours but now they sleep from around 8:30pm til 4am usually then i try and feed them at 8am but today when i woke them up to try and squeeze in that 5th feed they were gagging on their bottle and closing their mouths tight/turning away. Then they woke up at 10am and took a proper 5.5oz feed. This also happened to me yesterday when i tried to wake them up for their 4 hourly feed they took 1oz each and went back to sleep then woke up when they were ready which was an hour later. I've even tried making a 7oz bottle but that is too much for them at once. I've tried 3hourly in the day little and often but they don't wanna know despite me wiggling the bottle and all other tips to try and make them take it. I'm trying everything and i am really scared they will lose weight. sad

mrsm16 Thu 06-Aug-15 18:06:10

Are they having plenty of wet nappies? maybe get your hv to check their weight if your worried? If they are having plenty of wet nappies and happy the rest of the time I'd probably leave them be until they start looking for more!

Rebecca1608 Fri 07-Aug-15 10:11:32

Yeah they have lots of wet nappies i change them every feed as that's what they were used to in SCBU nappy then bottle. They were taking 25/30oz before and now they take 21/24oz now and are not interested in any more than that. I try all ways but they just gag or push it out even with their tongue. They seem happy and content babies around 10lbs maybe a little more now at 10 weeks.
They were born 35 weeks 4lbs 5oz and 4lbs 6oz.

2015isgoingtobeBIG Sat 08-Aug-15 14:19:17

Their overall amount across the day is about average according to an article on Kelly Mom so as long as they are havung wet and dirty nappies and still growing (if you've not had them weighed recently are they growing out of clothes?) Id say this isn't anything to worry about. My two are 14 weeks now and I got worried when I realised that my lg was going from 7pm until 3am without a feed when she was normally a regular three hourly feeder during the'd have thought I'd have been celebrating the extra sleep! When I look at how much they both get over the day it's about the same as when they were feeding more often and actually I can use it to my advantage and we are giving them more before bed if they've missed a bit during the day which gives us a longer chunk of sleep.
Check with your hv but I think you're dong brilliantly by responding to their cues -they're not hungry so ts is possibly just the way they like to feed.

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