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Early c section. My prem twins in SCBU.. any success stories or advice. Please? :(

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Rebecca1608 Sat 30-May-15 23:09:27

Hi everyone I originally had a section booked for the 8th June for my mo-di twins. I was meant to be 36+3. Scanned fornightly. There was only ever a couple of ozs between them however in my last scan the sonographer told me one was 5lb 9oz the other 4lb 4oz (she hadn't grown apparently in 2 weeks) after a talk with my consultant she told me they would be safer to be delivered. They were delivered yesterday morning 10:22am and 10:23am weighing 4lb 5oz and 4lb 6oz. Very small but obviously not an accurate scan last time.

Esme was taken straight from theatre to SCBU and Harriet came to my little room with me where she spent all day up until 2am this morning. However after throwing up a couple of feeds and a close check on her breathing they decided she would benefit from being in the SCBU with her sister. I definitely agree it's the best place for them to progress but how long were your twins in there?

I've walked backwards and forwards all day which is pretty far in my local hospital missing frequent pain relief and pushed myself as i've just wanted to be with them. On the way back to my room i was told by a midwife to stop trying to run before i could walk and not to forget i've had a massive op just yesterday however a couple of nurses are trying to encourage me to go home as i'm coming on leaps and bounds. I said no as i can't manage stairs yet. My girls are still in and i can't get to them any old time if i go home.

Tonight i've hit a brick wall as my room is obviously near other wards and i can hear other peoples babies cry and make noises but not my own- i cried. A nurse knocked my door with a little trolley that i could only see from the side (wooden with a plastic top) and i assumed she was bringing my little ladies back but she was offering pain relief- i cried.

I just miss not being able to be with them even though they are getting well looked after by amazing staff my OH and the nurses and midwifes who visit me often keep telling me to use this time away from them to rest and get some sleep but it's breaking my heart. I know i'm hormonal but when will i get them home? Or atleast back?

AwfulBeryl Sat 30-May-15 23:15:01

thanks for you, it's tough.
I can't tell you when you will get them home, hopefully it won't be too long, were you around 34 / 35 weeks ? It's a good gestation and they sound like they're good healthy weights.
My dts were born at 30 weeks and we got them home 5 weeks later.
The MW was right, try to look after yourself, I know it's hard.
Good luck and congratulations.

steppemum Sat 30-May-15 23:16:02

Oh sweetheart what a difficult time for you.
You need to rest. Make the most of a good nights sleep tonight, it will help you to heal and be ready to care for them when they are ready. They are in good hands, and will be with you soon.

Your hormones will naturally be all over the place, and of course you are worried about them. Hang on in there, it is just for a little while. flowers

Littlefish Sat 30-May-15 23:16:07

Firstly, enormous congratulations on your gorgeous girls.

I don't have any direct experience, but the twins within my family (4.5lbs and 5lbs) both spent a little time in SCBU. One stayed in for just less than a week, and the other stayed in for about two and a half weeks.

I know you want to be with them all the time, but you also need to look after yourself.

AwfulBeryl Sat 30-May-15 23:18:47

Oh and I get you with hearing other people's babies crying, it's a huge kick in the teeth. Do try to get some rest when you can.

Lewaney3 Sat 30-May-15 23:24:11

Hi Rebecca,

flowers congratulations on the safe arrival if your girls smile not much to say other than try and focus on the fact they're receiving the best care possible and are well looked after. Try to take each day as it comes... I know this is very easy for me to say.

Best wishes to you and your new family smile x

Secretescape Sat 30-May-15 23:26:40

My DTs were born at 33 weeks and stayed in SCBU for 3 weeks as they were tube fed and came home still with feeding tubes until feeding established. (We had to be trained for this)
Usually advice is to aim for the due date as the expected going home date.
As others have said be kind to yourself if you do end up being discharged earlier than your DTs, spend as much time as you want at the hospital, but don't over do it especially if you're recovering from a csection. I didn't have one but I was still exhausted from the birth, expressing and doing all their cares.

ReeBee Sat 30-May-15 23:38:06

Oh love, I know just how you feel. I had my twin boys at 36 weeks in Jan (induced as had apparently stopped growing) and they were both taken to SCBU a few hours after delivery. I spent 36 hours haunting the corridor between maternity and SCBU, and crying about exactly the same things as you did - everyone else had their babies and I didn't.

Is SCBU not 24 hour access for parents? It often is, whether you're a patient or discharged. Go, sit with them. Do skin to skin, express. Watch them. They will be fine. Mine started off at 5-2 and 4-11, dipped considerably and now they're 13lb monsters! Ask the nurses how long you can stay.

Our SCBU didn't have hard and fast release rules but the babies needed to have no apparent medical issues, be gaining weight and be able to suck feed (not tube) at least every 4 hours (or every 3, or on demand). Our twins were in for 8 nights. At first I thought they'd never come home but by the end I'd found a routine and we knew the other SCBU parents who were a great source of info and comfort.

I was discharged when the twins were about 36 hours old due to a shortage of mat beds. Walking out of the hospital without them was the hardest thing that's ever happened to me. I cried a lot. You'll have longer in as you've had a section but if you do have to leave them, be prepared for it being tough. It's only temporary though. The next step to having them home.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Get involved in their care in SCBU. Don't overdo it - the nurses will gently tell you if they think you're doing too much. Keep your strength up for when they come out.

Congratulations on your new arrivals (fab names; Harriet was our first choice girl's name!), and lots of positive thoughts that this phase passes quickly and you get them home soon. It sounds like they're well but just new, and early, and little. Take it day by day and they'll be home before you know it xxx

Rebecca1608 Sun 31-May-15 00:21:58

Thankyou so much for your replies. It is nice to speak to other people who have been in my position. Yes- I was 35 weeks yesterday and SCBU is 24hours for parents but i can't always manage the walk there. The nurses always say they will take me "after" in a chair if i'm tired but hours could go by and no one comes i do understand they're busy though but i can't always wait and i've over done it on the walking today and now the pain by my dressing is quite strong. I'm obviously more than happy for my girls to stay there but would like the odd update if i can't manage to see them for a few hours. It's the crying that gets to me more than anything as my room is right by their desk where the midwives feed the babies for other mums to sleep i also have to pass them to use the bathroom and it's gutting. Like you say though i'll soon be back with them or they'll soon be home even if i do go first. I just need to rest more and try and keep strong & Thanks i loved the names Harriet and Esme straight away. smile

2015isgoingtobeBIG Sun 31-May-15 03:15:31

I know this isn't very MN but have a massive hug. My bg twins didn't soend time in SCBU but my little lady was only 4llb1oz so we were in something called transitional care which is one step up but on the main ward with additional support. Both were born by EMCS and were under weight despit being 36w4d. I can't begin to imagine how difficult it must be to have to walk away from your little girls every time you leave SCBU and feel your pain at the thought of leaving the hospital completely without them. Does your hospital offer rooming in or similar for parents of babies on SCBU?

With regards you and your recovery post c-section, push back on the idea that you are ready to go home. You haven't established pain control yet and you're not emotionally ready. I was told I was medically fit at day three post section but I said I didn't feel ready, the baby blues had hit as my milk was coming in, and I said I wouldn't be able to cope if they discharged me that day. I said I was happy to review it each day with them which seemed to help as they knew I wasn't planning on never leaving. Also, I echo everybody else saying you need to look aft yourself right now. If you can get regular pain relief you will start to feel better -taking it as and when doesn't give such good control-so I know you want to be on SCBU but try and be on the ward for medication rounds (the nurses can tell you what time they will be if you haven't already worked it out). I'd also ask the SCBU nurses whether they would be able to dispense your meds if you took your drug chart along-they'll probably say no but no harm in asking. It is hard not to do too much post section but by moving around a little bit you will help your overall recovery-you just need to pace yourself a bit more so sit down half way back even if it's just perching on a window sill or sitting in another department. Similarly, in SCBU don't stand and lean over the cot too much. Ask the nurses to bring your girls to your level and sit down, with plenty of support for your back and tummy.

I also second trying to get a good nights sleep. My two were taken off me by one of th nursery nurses my first night on the ward and then the Third night because she could see I was exhausted and not coping very well. I cried that I couldn't look after them myself and that this was needed but it was the best thing because I got a solid chunk of sleep and the world did seem more manageable the next day. Maybe see if you can get some earplugs so you can block out everybody else's noise.

Sorry, that became such a long post. Keep talking on here and know that your girls will soon be home with you. Xx

GlitzAndGigglesx Sun 31-May-15 04:39:15

Hey I recognised your name from the twin thread. Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous girls!! Please try not to stress out too much (I know it's easier said than done) and remember they'll be with you soon. My twin and I were born at 36 weeks I was the one who came out feet first with the cord around my neck weighing under 6lbs scaring everyone shitless and here I am 22 years on doing just fine as your babies will be. Don't try and force too much walking on yourself you really do need rest

dynevoran Sun 31-May-15 05:17:22

Congratulations on your babies. And have a big hug. I'm not writing with any direct experience of twins But wanted to say how all the twins I know stayed varying times in scbu from a few days to 7 weeks (the ones born at 31 weeks) and all are amazing toddlers and preschoolers now. This will eventually be a distant memory. Please get rest yourself while they have scbu nurses caring for them - then when they are ready to come home you will be fighting fit.

You also sound really nice - probably too nice to badger the midwives a bit to take you there in a chair - but you must do this. I have a few friends who volunteer in postnatal wards and there must be someone there who can wheel you over. It's easy for people to promise and then forget about these things so ring your bell and keep asking - they all know how hard recovery is and how much you need to be able to see your babies without straining yourself.

Massive hug.

Lolly86 Sun 31-May-15 05:32:38

Congratulations! I've been in your position with my DD she's 19months now but she spent the first 3 weeks in NICU she was 4lb 6oz and had some blood sugar issues that took a long time and meds to resolve. It was the best and worst 3 weeks of our lives. The team in NICU are amazing but you just want to take your babies home. Being on a post natal ward with all the mums and babies was torture and I got out as soon as I could 2 days post emergency c section as it was just all too much.
It's so so hard but you will lol be home together soon and be able to make up for lost time xflowers

littlegemsem Sun 31-May-15 15:31:23

My boys are almost 2 and they were born at 34 wks, weighing 4.7 and 5.1. It was emcs and twin 2 had initial breathing difficulties but both were whizzed off to scbu immediately. They spent 48 hrs in incubators to maintain temperature and then moved into cots but still on scbu, the main aim was to get feeding tubes out and ensure they could feed properly. In total they were in for 15 nights and I was discharged after 3. It is so hard to leave them but it does give you chance to recuperate and get a full nights sleep. I literally sent 14hrs a day with mine and only went home to sleep! Hormones and mother nature make it hard but you will get through it. After the first 48 hrs I did all of the tube feeds, nappy changes and gave them their first bath, etc this made me feel like a real mum rather than a visitor. Both my boys were feeding when they got discharged but as they were doing well they were going to discharge with tubes in and with support of an outreach nurse as they were confident that I could cope.
My boys are now doing very well, no side effects of low birth weight or early delivery.
Good luck, take care and enjoy xxx

TheEagle Sun 31-May-15 18:26:28

Congratulations on your beautiful girls! Lovely names!

My boys were born at 35+6 by EMCS. They spent 3 nights in the NICU.

This was my second c section so I knew how important it was to keep on top of the pain. I just kept ringing the bell for the midwife and badgering them to give me my meds so that I could go and be with my babies.

It's awful being on a ward with other babies around you when all you want is your babies in your arms.

Definitely talk to the midwives about getting on top of your pain and absolutely don't go home until you are ready.

I think that babies will mostly be allowed home when they can breathe well, feed well and maintain their blood sugars and temperatures.

Make sure you try to get some good rest and sleep because that will be in short supply when you get home with twins! Eat plenty as well.

flowers for you and please don't be afraid to keep on asking for what you want and need. There should be a porter available to wheel you to the NICU whenever you need it.

Your girls will be with you so soon and you will be delighted

Best of luck and mind yourself.

Welcome to Twindom smile

Mellifera Sun 31-May-15 18:36:11

Congratulations! I love your names.

Please be kind to yourself. Rest as much as possible, even if it means being apart from your girls.
They will be with you 24/7 very soon. They get the best possible care and need to catch up with the (probably several pounds heavier) babies you hear screaming.

I have a twin sister, it is great smile We were 4lb each and born at 32 weeks 42 years ago.

Take it slowly, don't go home until you are ready. Being close to them is much better for now. You will have lots of time to properly get to know them.

seastargirl Sun 31-May-15 18:47:12

I didn't twins, but did have a prem baby in mum, if you're not ready to go home then tell the this, they should be swardbeportive of you staying in close to your babies as long as possible.

It's heartbreaking hearing babies cry when yours aren't with you. I used it as a chance to express hoping that the sound would help let down.

Look after yourself, ask them to provide you with paracetamol, codeine and klexane so you can self medicate as at home. Ours did this for all nnu mum's.

Walking out without your baby is horrific, but when you get to take them home it makes up for it.

I know of plenty of babies born much earlier and with lower weights all who ate happily driving their parents mad!

Try to have one nice couple meal out before they get discharged, it might be your last one got a whilesmile

Enjoy your precious babies

redcaryellowcar Sun 31-May-15 19:31:06

I didn't have twins but ds1 was taken to scbu and stayed there for five days, at my hospital scbu was on another floor to my room, I spent ages walking to and fro until day two, then I decided I was going to camp out in scbu. The nurses didn't like it, and would have preferred me to just 'visit' but I couldn't leave him alone any longer, I was lucky that my dmum came with warm food for me and endless pots of cut up fruit, bottled water etc, I'd just pop down to post natal ward to eat, request pain relief and go back to my baby.
Trust your instincts and Google kangaroo baby care, it's possible with twins.
Stay positive, but stand your ground, do what you think is best for your babies.

Twicethehugs Sun 31-May-15 22:32:15

My girls were a bit bigger at 4&10 and 5&2 and we were in hospital with then in SCBU but only for 5 days. How long you're all in depends how you're all doing e.g. Mine were a bit jaundiced and took a while to establish feeding which was the reason we couldn't go home sooner as they were low weight. They're now healthy 2 year olds and pretty average size so you wouldn't know they were little when they were born.

I had an emergency CS so felt dreadful and had to be wheeled up to see them at first. The nurses did tell me to try to get some sleep, which was good advice but not easy. I also found it hard at times to make sure I got my meds and food but the nurses gave me advice on how to make it work when I asked but I did need to keep asking for things. Would it be possible for you to move rooms as where you are doesn't sound helpful? Your girls will be being well looked after, you need to try and get your strength back - it won't be long till you're all home but meanwhile ask for what you feel you need.

RJnomore Sun 31-May-15 22:38:43

I didn't have twins either but I did had a 32 weeker who was 4 10 so similar weight.

It was a horrible and testing time but she will be 11 this year and you would never know.

Your girls sound fine, strong and healthy but small. Please listen to your medical team and look after yourself, for the moment in SCBU they have lots of people caring for them and I found the time to recover from the emcs meant that when I could start doing more for her I was better recovered and able to.

Good luck, I would have loved twins but they will keep you on your toes I bet.

JemFinch Mon 01-Jun-15 12:59:40


They shouldn't be in for too long - they are good weights and gestations so should be with you soon.

On a practial note, if the walk is too hard for you to go and see them get someone to take you in a wheelchair. Is it 24 hour access?

Do they have a room in the unit you can stay in after being dscharged from the ward?

My 31 weekers were 3lb1 and 3lb3, we were able to take them home when they got ot 4lb - it took 45 days and they are now almost 4 and althjough a little titchy you would never know now.

Rebecca1608 Fri 05-Jun-15 12:34:42

Hi thanks to everyone for your replies. I'm home now (after 4 days) but still spending a lot of my time in the hospital with my girls. Who are still in SCBU but have been moved out of the high dependency unit and are now tube free. No more tube feeds or oxygen for my babies anymore. SCBU just want to fatten them up a bit and get them keeping their bottle feeds down a bit better then they are coming home. How lucky am I xx grin

Crazyqueenofthecatladies Fri 05-Jun-15 12:44:28

Congratulations OP they are good weights and a great gestation, anything after 32 weeks and docs tend to be pretty relaxed. Dd was a 27 weeker and 1lb 15 at her lightest. It took her 81 days to get home and she was 4lbs exactly on discharge. Your girls need to gain weight steadily while feeding under their own steam, and maintain their own temps to get home. I reckon they will be home within a week from what you say, 10 days tops? Hugs and good luck.

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