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Daytime sleep disasters - help!

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TeenyTwins Tue 14-Oct-14 15:28:49

My twins are nearly 6 months and used to be in a reasonable routine, fed together and mainly napped at the same time, and were even ok-ish at self-soothing. They were having 30-60 mins in the morning, 2-3 hour at lunch, and sometimes a catnap late afternoon.

About a month ago it started going wrong, and now daytime naps are awful. They still feed together and the the feed times are ok, I think. But when they go for naps, usually one goes ballastic and won't sleep, despite being obviously tired. The other one gets disturbed (they are in separate cots but next to each other) so I often end up taking one out of the room. Then the sleeping one sleeps for maybe 30 mins (they had been having 2.5 hours at lunchtime).

I constantly have tired, unhappy babies, I get no break from them. They even do this if I try to get them to sleep in the pram while out - they're less grumpy, but don't seem to be able to sleep more than 30 mins now, so then I need to fit in more little naps to stop them from losing the plot.

I have older dc and need to do the school run, homework, tea, etc, so can't spend all day trying to get the babies to sleep! I need to get them back to a decent routine - help please!

Fairywhitebear Tue 14-Oct-14 16:57:52

I reackon it's their age (sorry, no help!)

My baby has started doing this. With a 1 yr old too, I'm in the same boat really. Constantly knackered, never getting a rest.

mummybearah Wed 15-Oct-14 08:56:10

I agree- I think it's their age too! Mine were like this from about 4-6 months, turns out the we're changing their evening schedule!

Second l nap split into two shorter naps, and now (8 months) they're dropping the last nap all together!

Hope this helps? I know it's really hard to adjust with them smile

201418 Wed 15-Oct-14 09:30:50

Maybe as pp change their routine a bit? Say cut down the morning nap to 15/20 mins or none at all then move the longer nap earlier and just maybe it should help.

TeenyTwins Sat 18-Oct-14 09:31:24

Still haven't sorted lunchtime but for the last couple of days I've brought the morning nap forward and they've slept! They're now only up for about an hour before napping again - must be a growth spurt.

I don't know what to do about lunchtime though - there's not much space to move the time of it. I need to fit in a milk feed and solids beforehand, and then get them up at a certain time to feed before the school run, so the for a nap is pretty limited.

slightlyinsane Mon 20-Oct-14 01:27:32

Can't remember where I read it but sleep routines can change around this time along with night sleeping aswel, something to do with hormone development????
Its hard fitting everything in to restricted times for school runs etc. Playing around with routines could be the way forward, not sure what your los are like but have you thought about dropping the nap and going for an earlier lunch and afternoon nap.
although it was with my singleton I had to do nursery run then lunch as soon as we got in with him usually falling asleep as soon as he had eaten enough, sometimes I wouldn't manage to get him out of the high chair before he fell asleep but he would sleep better that way than battling with any other routine, he was a much happier little ds, it took about a wk for him to settle with the new routine though.

stinkypants Mon 10-Nov-14 03:50:57

I have issues similar to this with twins plus two older ones. One thing I'd suggest is put them down further apart for naps and concentrate on getting at least one into a decent routine again. The other can be grumpy elsewhere for a few days but once first is settled it might make it easier to do second one. Best advice I read was about not expecting them to do the same as each other just cos twins.

TeenyTwins Mon 24-Nov-14 10:14:49

Thanks all - I've separated them for naps now and it's a bit better. I also think it was an age/stage thing in part.

I agree we shouldn't expect them to do the same just because they're twins, but it's awfully tempting!

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