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My chances of twins - hereditary - friends scaring me!!!

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Mintymoomoo Thu 30-Jan-14 12:43:57

So I'm 7 weeks pregnant, my partner is a identical twin and his twin also had identical twins!!

Now I know identical twins are not meant to be hereditary but I'm getting a little afraid! Already have a bulge (didn't show with last 3 pregnancies until 4-5 months) and this time feeling soooo soooo tired and sickish all day!

Sure my chances are nil but friends are scaring me a little, I'm also nearly 35

KatharineClover Sun 09-Mar-14 08:38:47

Hi mintymoomoo! I think I must be at a similar stage to you - eddy is currently 17th Sept.
My scan is tomorrow at 13 weeks - I am 35, tall and have fraternal twins in my family (I'm a twin - my mum had 3 sets of twin pregnancies, and many mcs, but only has 2 children: my sister and I are from different pregnancies). I've got quite a bump, can feel kicks already (although I have one DS already), and I've put on 7lbs (I lost 3, put on 10 so overall gain of 7 which sounds better than saying I've put on 10!). Because of family history I'm so nervous about tomorrow - obviously any amount of healthy babies is a blessing, but because of what my mum went through I know I would feel huge stress and anxiety for the whole pregnancy and birth if it is twins ...

MultipleMama Mon 10-Mar-14 02:15:18

My mum was a fraternal twin so was her cousin & auntie. None on DH's side. I had MCMA (ID boys) in 2012 and DCDA (b/g) in 2013.

There is research but no "proof" that ID twins is due to genes. And it's more likely to be your family tree not his. Don't worry too much. Each PG is different and may carry biggerthis time round. Wait until your scan and then panic grin.

Chopsypie Mon 10-Mar-14 14:52:15

this is not a placemark

KatharineClover Mon 10-Mar-14 19:12:44

My scan today showed just 1 very wiggly baby smile my dates have changed so I am nearly 14 weeks so I guess that might help to explain the movements I've felt and bump size!
Hope all is well with your scan tomorrow minty x

isislondon Tue 08-Jul-14 01:07:38

I conceived fraternal twin girls at 1st attempt at 40, naturally.im tall with African ancestry some generations back so all the risk factors almost. But I have many cousins & no one has had twins in my generation or my parents generation, but at my grandparents generation on both mother & fathers sides, there were fraternal twins & triplets. In hubs family, every generation had fraternal twins throughout his family, mostly boy girl twins. He hadn't realised there were so many twins because they weren't identical

isislondon Tue 08-Jul-14 01:14:23

Also I didn't know we had any twins in the family until I asked my grandparents, who knew their generation & above, . So I only became aware after I became pregnant with twins. I thought I was the 1st. I suppose it's harder to tell these days because people settle down later or delay childbirth or generally have No or less children.

I met a 90yr old woman who'd had 3 x sets of fraternal twins shock

Lizziec1984 Thu 10-Jul-14 15:07:39

My grandma had non identical twins and I've just found out I am now!!! It's skips a generation generally apparently and comes from the woman's side! Identical twins tend to come from the male side so I'm told x

MatildaV Thu 10-Jul-14 15:11:08

Identical twins are not hereditary, and fraternal twins run on the mother's side, not the father's, so the fact your partner's family has a history of identical twins is irrelevant.

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