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Experience of twins in separate classes

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doublemuvver Sat 28-Sep-13 22:16:24

My b/g twins were in same Reception Class and are now in separate y1 classes. The change in my dts' behaviour has been remarkable! We had several with his attitude and stropiness in R, whereas Dtd exceeded in most areas. He is now a model pupil, doing really well and no behaviour issues. Better at home too, less whinging. Would you say it's because he's grown ups bit or because he's got some space away from his twin sister? They are good friends 95% of the time. Would be interested to hear other's experiences.

temporary Sun 29-Sep-13 09:33:26

Sorry, no experience here, but I would be very interested to hear too as I will be there next year.
I did get the impression in R year with another daughter that it was a lot to do with settling them and getting them into school, whereas Y1 is when more structured learning takes place. In receptn you have children who are only just 4 when they start, so that is a big gap in maturity with the oldest that the teacher has to deal with. Maybe with your son it is a combination of being more settled and feeling more is expected of him in a bigger class.
If you think about it too, having his sister there may have helped him to feel too comfortable, with more of his "at home" personality, whereas now he is on his own he has that comfort blanket taken away and he is developing a new "at school" persona of his own. Interesting.

If you don't get many replies, I would try taking this to the primary board as I always get the impression it has more traffic.

BellaVida Sun 29-Sep-13 09:46:01

I have twin DS and DD too. They were together in reception and Y1, but separate in Y2. DS was the quieter one and a bit overshadowed by his sister. Separating them was really positive for him. He is more confident, finding his own interests and has made a good group of friends. DD was fine as she has always been more outgoing and confident. Yes, they will still look for each other at break and lunch, but they are happy independently.

If you think about it, otherwise they are together 24/7. Children change so much over those first few school years, especially Y2, when expectations are greater. I definitely saw a positive shift from separating them.

doublemuvver Sun 29-Sep-13 22:22:48

Thanks guys. I will also post in primary. The multiples board, as fascinating as it is, does seem to be geared more to pregnancy and newborn. Perhaps a new heading for older multiples would be a good idea?

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