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to preschool or not to send to preschool that is the question.....

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tiggersreturn Mon 16-Sep-13 22:33:10

I have dts aged 2 and a ds aged 6 1/2. Dts not great speakers although improving and the fact that they're twins and premature obviously doesn't help. They're also august babies and I am concerned about how they'll do when they start school next year (nursery of school starts at 3).

I'm considering pre-school but the cost is putting me off. I've found a very nice quite small one (8 kids), 3 1/2 hours a little institutional but more about setting routines and teaching the basics of putting your things in trays than anything more than that. Please convince me it's really worth it or is there some way I can supplement what they're doing to help develop their language and social skills.

We have activity groups in the areas but they're all mother attended and most of the kids don't seem to interact that much.

mumblecrumble Tue 17-Sep-13 00:25:36

When are your twins 3? When they would have 15 hours free. HAve you checked to see if you're entitled to any free hours now?

Personally, our DD loved her nursery. I worked part time so perhaps she may have preferred to be at home... but from what I saw she loved having HER friends, HER peg HER nursery teachers who loved, hugged her and would tell us all about how she got on that day. There was some routine but mainly about speaking, listening, sharing, taking turns, enjoy BIG toys we could nevr have at home. Things like nativity plays, family fun days etc were great and it helped us meet people too. Didn;t feel institutionalized.

Have you looked at other places? They all seem so different.. may see somewhere you actually feel you watny ou dts to experience

tiggersreturn Tue 17-Sep-13 08:47:39

Not until August and they start school nursery in september so no free hours. I did like the place I saw but it's just the cost that I'm finding relly offputting - over £3500 for both of them for a year with 2 days for the first term and 3 days for 2nd and 3rd. I work and have a nanny so I'd still have to pay her at the same time.

PollyPlummer Tue 17-Sep-13 13:19:01

Has your nanny got any ideas about developing speech and language and starting to implement a routine at home?
I have a couple of family members who are nannies, they have the same qualifications as a nursery nurse and often do the same sort of activities - just on a smaller scale. I have no personal experience though so no idea if this is helpful in your situation.
Does your nanny take dts to the activity groups ?
At 2 most children wont be interacting with other children through play, they tend to play along side each other and fight over toys
I get what your saying, I wouldn't want to pay out twice for childcare either, but if you can afford it and think it will benefit your dts then go for it.

BrassicaBabe Wed 18-Sep-13 09:19:03

Hi tiggersreturn, I've not got anything useful to add but wanted to say "Hi". Your thread has hit a note with me as we're in very much the same situation with 2 year old twins and a nanny. I know it's nearly a year until Nursery, but it's been crashing around in my head for weeks now; which nursery, do we put them in a 3yo, wait until school etc, etc

While putting DTs into nursery for the 15 hours would be cheaper it comes with the whole problem of "wrap around" care (is that what they call it?) and probably still having to pay the nanny....

Anyway, "Hi" and I hope you find the answer smile

NomDeClavier Wed 18-Sep-13 09:28:24

Generally I would say try preschool, the staff may have ideas etc. but you have a nanny who may well have the same qualifications and be able to do the same activities - plus she should have developed a little social circle for them which if there are 2 or 3 others around would be practically preschool sized anyway. If she isn't doing this then she should start. There are loads of nanny forums, meet-up boards and resources on the net.

The 'advantage' of preschool is that your DTs wi have to communicate with people who haven't seen their language development and won't make the same kind of allowances because you know what they mean - they would be forced to speak more clearly.

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