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Okay how the hell do I get sleeping babies off the BF pillow?!

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FreeButtonBee Mon 11-Mar-13 23:13:34

Thanks guys! Will work on it to tomorrow. I think I need more cushions on the sofa to roll them on to and perhaps to wait for longer. Just frustrating as they currently need to feed to sleep formost feeds. And I keep waking them - had only 30 mins of them asleep at the same time today - not good!

Glad to hear it gets better - we've Haida few glimpses of night time sleep which is giving me hope on that front too.

Nancy54 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:36:27

yep had the same prob too but just used to sit there as scared of waking them up!!! thank god for daytime tv.....

they're five months now and they don't fall asleep on it anymore - they tend to hit each other and / or pull my hair, play with me etc!! so don't worry, it will pass.

in fact i spent the first couple of months more or less attached to my bloody brest friend but i rarely tandem feed these days as they are much quicker feeders. thank god!

so don't worry, you will not be sit in my brest friend forever!!

twintwo Mon 11-Mar-13 18:51:18

I used to do similar as other posters in that I'd always slide/lift the baby on the right onto the sofa/bed next to me then I'd have 2 hands to put left side baby straight into cot. Then I'd go back and lift baby from sofa into cot. This generally worked when they under 6 months, after that i used same technique but put them into the pushchair(strapped in!) as they slept better in there.

Eating43 Mon 11-Mar-13 18:39:40

I always prop both of mine up to burp, so they are kind of sitting on the pillow and resting against my chest, then when they are asleep/settled, I gently move the one on my right from there down onto the bed/sofa with my right arm. Then I hold the other one where he is while I move the cushion away, pop him into bed, then go back for the first one and pop her into bed. The risk is obviously the one on the right who is being moved around more wakes up, but it works 9 times out of 10 with mine. HTH

OzmaofOz Mon 11-Mar-13 18:34:15

I used to slide my ams underneath them both and hold their heads in my hands, balancing their bodies on my hips. Then slowly put them down.
I know what you mean, after a while you get cramp, need the loo and just want to get up and stretch your legs a it.
I do miss those sleepy snuffley babies though, my 2 hardly sit still at all now. [broody]

FreeButtonBee Mon 11-Mar-13 16:13:20

So we have nailed tandem feeding. Supply is good, twins are almost 5 weeks and putting on weight Nd growing out of their clothes - DTS is now in newborn!!

But once they fall asleep on the My Brest Friend pillow, how do I get them off without waking them when I am on my own? Any hints? I can't really cuddle them into a deep deep sleep easily and I really can't sit ALL. day with them on the pillow or I will go insane.

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