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BB Dynamics

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tamula Mon 27-Jun-05 08:36:44

Has anyone noticed how the BB house is divided between black/ethnic group and white? I'm not stirring or encouraging a row, I'm simply intrigued, not only by the 2 different groupings but by the dynamics of each group, the 'white' group appears to be the dominant group in the house although they have less members, also both groups can boast having quite loud and dominant members. It'll be interesting to see how the group responds to the 2 new housemates and whether the groups disband, grow or 2 becomes 3?


lilaclotus Mon 27-Jun-05 08:51:01

i have noticed that divide too. not sure which group is dominant though. makosi's has the upper hand with her knowing the 3 new housemates already, i think.

yingers74 Tue 28-Jun-05 14:40:32

Not a fan of bb, although i think sometimes depending on the personalities involved, ethnics and whites feel 'safer' in their own groups. I am, however, surprised to hear it has happened on BB as most of them would be of a generation that is used to people of all races.

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