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Any muslim mothers scared abt going bak to work & using daycare

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shazia1 Sat 12-Mar-05 14:56:30


I have a 2yr old and 3 month old and im scared about leaving both in childcare,,nursery in day ,,,i have tried two nurseries so far in midlands and im angry at way they do not change nappies ,,,three acasion my daughter had severe rash due to this.....I am wondering if better to stay at home but then financially me and hubby will struggle.......anyone work from home or can help.....I want to look at all aoptions but see put children first........

lilyblossom Sat 12-Mar-05 15:01:50

I don't understand

They don't change nappies


shazia1 Sat 12-Mar-05 15:06:35

No sorry what i mean is that they change nappies but if daughter has pooed then they leave her for somne time before changing ,,,i went twice at different accasions to pik her up and found poo dried on,,,when i question they say were too busy never smelt etc,,,,,,make you worry

stitch Sat 12-Mar-05 15:13:05

thats not on. how cn they be too busy? the whole point of them is to take care of the kids, and making sure they are clean is ahuge part of what should be keeping them busy.
i would stay clear of these nurseries.
i find it interesting that you single out the muslim factor. may i ask why?
my ds1 went to a nursery for over two years, and i did not have any problems. in fact even on christmas day he wanted to go and was upset that the nursery was closed.
check around before deciding on a nursery. personally i woule prefer a nursery to a childminder or relative.

lilyblossom Sat 12-Mar-05 15:27:32

They are seriously in the wrong

MY goodness what are they doing looking after children of those ages withpout changing nappies.

IMHO I would write a letter to the local newspaper so other parents can be warned

And report them to OFSTED

Once could be slightly believed as an oversight but not again

And if they are negleting them with something so obviouswhat else are they negelecting to do for the babies and children.

What about when it comes to toilet training?

Will they be left on the potty/toilet for ages so they don't have accidents

Your poor babies

Am sure you will find better childcare out there

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