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People in Harmony

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network Tue 22-Feb-05 17:16:38

Does anyone here belong to the group People in Harmony?

franch Fri 11-Mar-05 13:41:02


network Fri 11-Mar-05 17:03:39

how long have u bveen a member franch?

I am trying to set up an active group in Slough and have asked on mumsnet (see thread What would u want pls contribute) for ideas on what poeple would like fm such a group

Any thing that you would add

franch Sat 12-Mar-05 11:21:41

A couple of years or so. A monthly meet-up would be good - there doesn't seem to be one even in London! Are you on the email discussion list? I contribute from time to time

franch Sat 12-Mar-05 11:23:01

See also this little thread. I'm also a member of Intermix.

network Mon 14-Mar-05 13:14:00

Hi Franch
Apologise for late reply but only have access to site on week days at work.

I am trying to get a meet with an old member (Diane) who managed to get a very active group org in Slough to ask for advice on how to get things swinging again. Can i keep u posted on how things go?

franch Mon 14-Mar-05 15:17:28

Please do, network. Feel free to CAT me

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