Interracial family issues

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Tonydl Tue 24-Mar-20 16:29:41

Well I agree with you that his reaction is completely stupid but on the other side he is still my dad and keeps talking to me. Kind of a difficult situation for me..

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OnlyJudyCanJudgeMe Tue 24-Mar-20 16:26:30

If your dad has stopped talking to your sister because he’s a dirty big racist, I’d stop talking to him myself!
There’s no reasoning with stupid.

Tonydl Tue 24-Mar-20 16:23:58

Hi everyone,

Very new here but I hope that I will find some helpful advice.
I am Anthony, 23.

Like many other couples, my parents divorced few years ago.
My mom is dating a new man since few months and she completely changed in so many positive aspects. She regained the confidence and self-esteem that she used to lose after her divorce. My mom is white Caucasian and her partner is Black.
Since the beginning of the year, my sister also started a new interracial relationship with a young man of black ethnicity.
Now the issue is that since then my father decided to completely stop talking to my sister. My parents don't talk to each other anymore but that happened since their separation.
Anyone has experienced something similar?
Any advice is well appreciated.

Thank you all.

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