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Second chapter: Blanki's book

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mybabysinthegarden Fri 18-Jan-08 15:47:20

guten tag!

andyrobo237 Sun 20-Jan-08 20:32:11

Well I wasnt sure about this book to start with - read the blurb on the back, and thought 'in for a penny...' I mainly read at night before bed, and struggled to get going with this book, but once I got to grip with the characters and the to'ing and 'fro'ing from before and now, it became a good read.

I did think the ending came a bit too soon, and was missing something! Not sure what though!

wheresthehamster Thu 27-Mar-08 12:18:49

I had to keep stopping during reading because I was amazed at the racism that was shown by some of the characters in the book. Am I naive? I didn't know it was like that in post-war Britain. I spent my early years (late fifties) in the East End and luckily wasn't exposed to that kind of discrimination but I'm ashamed to know it was being practiced in other parts of London.

I thought they were great characterisations. I loved Gilbert. Hortense made me laugh with her snobbery. I was sobbing at the end for Queenie. (Hope I haven't given too much away)

Good read - again something I would never have chosen myself. Roll on the next one!

Jas Wed 04-Jun-08 23:21:40

I also struggled to get going with this one. At one point I was ready to give up, but then it seemed to get easier to read and I read the second half in one sitting.

The racism didn't surprise me at allsad (I work with people with dementia, and have met many people of this generation who having lost their learnt inhibitions, continued to express all the views portrayed in the book.)

I also enjoyed the characters, and was moved by Queenie's story in particular.

Jas Sat 01-Nov-08 21:40:21

Did nobody else get this one?sad

MegBusset Sun 02-Nov-08 18:41:22

I got it this month as my last one! Am about 1/3 of the way through it.. enjoying it so far, will comment more when I've finished it.

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