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Fur Quits 3 - moocowmrs book

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Jas Tue 05-Jul-11 22:30:37

mystery book!
Please add initials of the book title as a clue.

youmustbeyolking Thu 11-Aug-11 08:11:36

M P L S.

This is such a contrast from Dalek's book! I am really enjoying the characters so far. It strikes me that MP is very similar to Stevens in RotD. I am struggling to read it without a Hopkins accent in my head. smile

itsatiggerday Tue 04-Oct-11 15:09:02

What a great book! One of the cover comments is 'slow-burning pleasure' and I think that summed it up perfectly. I thought it was culturally quite shrewd if slightly on the twee side as far as villages go compared to those I've ever lived in - but then the author has moved to the US wink And the end was saved from being too chocolate box.

I actually found the generational relationships quite affecting and made me think through some of the big themes to the relationships across our wider family. More to ponder... Thanks Moocowmrs.

simpson Fri 11-Nov-11 22:48:12

marking place on thread, only a third of the way through but loving it so far [smile

simpson Tue 06-Dec-11 23:55:40

Finally getting round to posting blush

I have to say I absolutely loved this book. Not the type of book I would have picked myself so this is why a book club is so great grin

A nice paced book, with not too many characters (I get easily confused blush)

I read it very quickly as its an easy read. Totally enjoyed it!!! grin

Pascha Mon 02-Jan-12 20:18:56

I'm reading this with a great big smile on my face. What a great antidote to christmas and stress and stuff.

Pascha Fri 06-Jan-12 13:26:46

I bloody loved this story. A wonderfully chocolate-box twee but well written good old-fashioned romance. Absolutely perfect over christmas. smile

Cersei Fri 20-Jan-12 10:07:47

I really enjoyed this one. I wasn't sure about it from reading the cover as love stories aren't my thing. However I was pleasantly suprised, it's a great story. Not one I would ever have chosen for myself but a great read!

Lightshines Wed 29-Feb-12 12:48:17

by the time I had finished this book, I felt as if I knew Major Pettigrew quite well! As others have said, this was not a particularly challenging read but it was perceptive, funny in places and engaging. I liked it!

steamedtreaclesponge Tue 20-Mar-12 21:48:28

I had actually read this fairly recently when I received it, but I thought I'd read it again as I enjoyed it the first time! As others have said, a bit twee, and I thought that the cultural attitudes were seriously out-of-date, but generally a very enjoyable, romantic read.

Ragwort Thu 29-Mar-12 11:13:12

I really couldn't finish this, far too 'twee'. I might have enjoyed it if I was on holiday and really had nothing else to read but its just not my type of book at all. The cultural view points were far too sterotyped and 'obvious'.

Also I was irrationally irritated with the view that Major P is 'old' in his mid 60s - that's only a few years older than me grin.

Jas Fri 13-Apr-12 23:50:36

I loved this one smile
As someone on the other thread said - I should just look for books with "Pettigrew" in the title from now on!

BenderBendingRodriguez Tue 01-May-12 13:19:52

i really loved this, after a shaky start - i found the writing and characters suddenly came alive about a third of the way in and blew away most of the tweeness from it. agree re. the cultural caricatures being a bit 'umm', but there was some very moving and very funny writing in this book. a surprise hit, thanks moocowmrs smile

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