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clotting problems

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bb99 Sun 08-Nov-09 10:36:13

just cusrious

If you have had clotting probs identified, does this go with any particular blood group?

Clotting probs were suspected with 1st lmc - baby was PERFECT and have just had 2nd LMC, again PERFECT baby (until it died anyway, at same time as 1st) also had EMC, then baby (with aspirin), now 2nd LMC (even WITH aspirin) IYSWIM

I am A+, but wondered if there was any correlation with blood groups and clotting probs, probably not, am just struggling for answers at the mo.

Owlingate Sun 08-Nov-09 13:20:57

As far as I know, APLS / Hughes does not go with any particular blood group (though coincidentally I am also A+). If you miscarried due to placental clots whilst on aspirin as I did in Jan this year, then it suggests to me that you need another referral to haematologist. Are you in London? Can you ask for a referral to Prof Hughes unit at St Thomas'? If I were you and they don't find another cause, I'd ask to go on heparin with the aspirin anyway.

My levels of antiphospholipid antibodies were mildly raised and they let me go on heparin and aspirin from 6 weeks with this PG (am now 36 weeks). There are other clotting disorders which may be linked to blood group, please ask for another referral to haemotologist, I cannot believe that two late MCs in similar circs could be 'bad luck' / 'one of those things' as stupid people tried to tell me about one late MC.

bb99 Sun 08-Nov-09 15:48:34


Thanks for info

They didn't find clots in the placenta the first time around, the trophoblast cells of the placenta hadn't developed properly during the second trimester. They had started to develop onto the next stage and then 'stalled' so the only explanation they could think of was that something in my immune system was stopping the cells from developing properly.

Only got tested for APLS on the day after my early mc started, as I was still considered in a pg state, but it showed up nothing and I'd already passed the placenta and fetus - they also looked for Lupis and found nothing, no infections, no other things from the other standard tests they do (TORCH tests and HVS?)

Subsequently had a successful pg but started taking aspirin before ttc and continued until 36 weeks, didn't expect to get pg so quickly and only started aspirin at about 8/9 weeks into this pg, bugger!

So, getting pm done this time and have had all the tests repeated...

Any ideas / suggestions are welcome about what this could possibly be...

Sooo pleased for you Owlingate. smile best wishes for you and bubs


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