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What should I do - worried...

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scrappydappydoo Mon 19-Oct-09 10:56:33

I'm 7 wks pg and I've had a really rough weekend. I started bleeding brown blood on Thursday thought nothing of it - just an implantation bleed, Friday evening it started going red and getting heavier by Sunday I was was also getting cramps - I'm still bleeding, not heavily but it is dark red and very period like (iykwim). I've been trying to get hold of the epu all morning but have only got an answer machine (you have to ring first), they're only open til 1pm and I can't get hold of my mw either. I don't feel its emergency enough to go to A&E but I'm worried - I just want to get checked out wwyd??
(sorry for tmi)

LadyOfTheFlowers Mon 19-Oct-09 10:58:27

If u cant get hold of anyone, go to a&e (you have no other option really - MWs here are only contactable by phone for 45 mins each day hmm) and they will refer you to EPU for scan - that's what they did when it happened to me.

kissmummy Mon 19-Oct-09 14:14:03

poor you scrappy - what a horrible situation. the only thing to say is that there isn't any rush, by which i mean they won't be able to do anything to change things if the worst is going to happen. if you go to A+E you could be sitting there for hours and if the EPU closes at 1pm (till tomorrow?) then there might not be much they can do till then's a HORRIBLE situation to be in - believe me, i've been there several times - and i really feel for you.

scrappydappydoo Mon 19-Oct-09 14:29:28

Thanks for your replies - I eventually managed to track a lovely lady in another dept who went down the corridor to tell them to phone me hmm. They eventually rang back at 12.55 and I'm booked in for a scan tomorrow. I feel better now I have an appointment - it was all the waiting around that was doing my head in....

stephie101 Mon 19-Oct-09 14:55:47

scrappy Good luck with the appointment tomorrow, I really do feel for you, I'm in a similar situation, apart from our epu clinic is an open door, fingers crossed all is well...

LadyOfTheFlowers Mon 19-Oct-09 15:48:42

Good luck for your appt. - will be thinking of you.
Here, once you have been seen by the EPU you will be on their books so you can ring them etc whenever you want. Hope that's how it is for you there, or like where Stephie is, open door whenever.

randomimposter Mon 19-Oct-09 20:57:40

Scrappy - good luck tomorrow. I'm sure you must be very worried. I had a LOT of bleeding at 14 weeks with my son... and he's tucked in asleep in his cot upstairs right now. Bleeding needn't be terrible, I have everything crossed for you.

ScaryFucker Mon 19-Oct-09 21:00:17

aww, good luck

scrappydappydoo Tue 20-Oct-09 12:29:25

Well i had my appointment and as I suspected I have miscarried - i have another appointment next week just to confirm it before they do anything.
Thank you for you kind thoughts and advice - its good to know there are people out there

ScaryFucker Tue 20-Oct-09 14:39:15

so sorry

I did think that was the case, but didn't want to make you worry more than you needed

like someone said, there is nothing to be done to save the baby

look after yourself xx

tigerbear Tue 20-Oct-09 14:46:39

Oh Scrappy, so sorry for you.
Get lots of rest and hugs from people in RL.
You might want to come over to one of the Miscarriage threads when you feel ready - there are lots of us who have been through similar situations, and can 'hand hold' on an ongoing basis...

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