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how will i know if im pregnant after a miscarriage?

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bubbles8987 Fri 05-Dec-08 22:58:05

hi, i had a erpc on 17nov at 10wks after finding out baby had stopped growing at 7wk3. I am totally heartbroken and feel the only way i can get over it is to try again and move forward. I had small amount of bleeding the day after op and none since.i did a pg test on mon which showed positive,however we decided to start trying again on monday evening and a number of times since then!wot i am wondering is how wil i know if im pg,when should i test?should we stop ttc until i get a negative pg result?but im worried that will take ages and i really dont want to wait! Any advice?

christmasBarbielovesSanta Fri 05-Dec-08 23:00:52

hi bubbles, you can get a postive read for weeks after, can you not wait for first full cycle? you will feel more at ease during next pregnancy if you have the dates right? Im on cd5 after waiting a long 75 days for first af to arrive but im in a much better place mentally and physcially now

MrsSanta Fri 05-Dec-08 23:07:46

bubbles I was similar to you although wasnt eptopic. I miscarried at around 5/6 weeks.

It takes me forever to get pregant so we tried straight away (best time they say more fertile) and I got pregnant the next month. I went to early assesement at hospital and sort of blagged a blood test off them. I had to go back every 2 days to check hgg levels were rising.

End result my beautiful 3 year old ds.

Everyone told me to wait for 3 months but I ust knew I could of missed my go if I hadnt off tried straight away. It also helped loads in the sense of not being so devestated, although truely I was I seemed to concentrate on the new pregnancy.

Hugs to you. xx

Sorry to rant,

christmasBarbielovesSanta Fri 05-Dec-08 23:13:57

you would normally start you new cycle the day of your erpc so test in a month if your cycles are 28 for you around the 15th of dec, good luck.
If you are still getting a bfp though you wont ovulate again until it reads you might have to wait longer? sorry if this isnt helping.
I was told to go back for bloods if i still had a postive read 14 post mmc

arena Sat 06-Dec-08 13:41:50

Bubbles8987 firstly sorry for your loss, i also had a m/c on the 4th of nov, and i tested yesterday, and still have a strong postive result. Im really confused as i don't know if im pregnant again, or if it's still the old hormones.

im gonna check every few days to make sure that the test is getting fainter, im gonna give it another week, last couple of days im also getting cramps and have sore boobs. All my pregnancy systoms went just before my m/c.

Let us know how you get on.

ladylush Tue 09-Dec-08 01:00:05

I got a positive 2 days ago and erpc was 2 weeks ago. I assumed hcg would be gone by now. Frustrating when ttc. Bleeding has stopped though.

JingleJools Tue 09-Dec-08 08:39:39

3 weeks after a natural mc (where I passed everything very suddenly and quickly within just over 24 hours), I was still getting the faintest of faint lines on an HPT - this is after being told at the EPU 2 weeks prior to this that my HCG levels had already dropped to a very low level.

I thought I might have ovulated at my normal time, given the ov pains I felt, but I didn't get the normal post ov bloating and sore boobs. AF would have been due yesterday on a normal cycle, so I'm hoping that ovulation has been delayed and I still have a chance of a Christmas BFP (if I can get DP to co-operate )

bubbles8987 Wed 10-Dec-08 17:07:06

Thanks for your help, we have continued ttc as much as possible. I just feel like ttc is giving me something to focus on and helping me move on. Did another test yesterday and the line was definately fainter which i suppose is a good sign, thou i had crampy pains over wkend and sore back and the last few days my boobs are so sore i cant touch them- They were like this when pg but never before that - could this be a sign that i ov'd or even a sign that im pg again (though i doubt id be having pg symptoms so soon as we have only been bd'ing for 13 days!)

squidgett Wed 10-Dec-08 17:36:46

Hi bubbles,

When are you next due on?

We didn't stop TTC after my m/c at the end of September, and as I didn't have a period I took a test a few days after I was due on - this was negative. Then I took another test a week later which was +ve.

So from my experience I would recommend testing til you get a -ve, then next time you get a +ve you will know for sure its a new pg.

Medical opinion is divided as to whether/how long you should wait before TTC. Personally I feel as though some of my family have judged me on getting pg again so soon, thinking that I should have allowed my body to rest, or return to normal but given it is a grey area medically I think that no one should judge, especially those who haven't been through the experience of m/c.

I understand your wish to keep trying but also make sure that you are allowing yourself to grieve for your loss xx Good luck x

sadchristmasfairy Thu 11-Dec-08 20:55:31

It helps a little to read all this. I don't feel quite so much like I'm quietly losing the plot and no-one really understands as much.
I found out I'd had a missed miscarriage on 14th Oct. I was 12 weeks pregnant and due for a scan on the 16th but due to some bleeding over the weekend previous to it I went in early to find our baby had died there was no heartbeat and it only measured 8 weeks. I opted for a natural miscarriage as I was too scared to go with the d and c but 5 weeks later I went back into hospital and had a 'managed miscarriage' I finally miscarried that night afetr a long day in hospital on 20th Nov. It feels like it was so long and drawn out. They gave me 2 sets of tablets, 1 was to stop the hormones. I haven't tried to do a pregnancy test yet so I dont know what it would read. Does anyone else know? I do know I'm desperate for another baby. I stopped bleeding a week or two ago and we've been trying since. I felt like I ovulated the other day but I can't stop over thinking - does this sign mean I could be pregnant, does this stomach pain mean anything. I just feel a bit stuck inside my head with any number of things going around. Outwardly I know I seem stronger than I'm feeling, which is just a bit broken at the moment.
I work in an environment where it's christmas production time, which means we're singing songs about and re-enacting the birth of a new born baby day in and day out and I'm struggling. A colleague I'm close to has just told me she's 11 weeks and although I'm really happy for her I know every milestone she has is going to be really hard for me - though I'll do my utmost to never show her.
I guess I'm not asking for advice so much as just offloading. I feel quite isolated at the moment. People seem to think I should be moving on now and I am trying but my colleagues pregnancy has knocked me a little and I feel bad about that too. It does help to hear others of you here gone on to have more children though, that gives me some hope when I'm a bit all out of hope at the moment. I just want to know - if I start now am I risking another miscarriage because my bodies not ready? I'd really like to be pregnant for Christmas but I don't want to go through this again x

ready2pop Thu 11-Dec-08 22:00:23

Sadchristmasfairy - I know how you feel. I'm desperate to be pregnant again but also terrified at the thought.

I miscarried two weeks ago at around 8 weeks pregnant. It wasn't so drawn out as your mc sounds - after 7 days of bleeding I went in for the erpc as I couldn't cope with it any longer. I have a 9 month old and there was just no way I could look after him in the state I was in - not so much the physical side but I found the process so hard emotionally.

I've just found out that my best friend is 11 weeks pregnant and it is really hard. I am pleased for her but it also reminds me of what I have lost.

My dr said there was no reason we couldn't start trying again straight away so we are. It took some persuading to get my DH on board but I just felt the need to get on with it - I think on some level I am frightened that the longer we leave it the bigger a deal it will be.

ladylush Thu 11-Dec-08 22:29:20

sad and ready - sorry to hear of your m/cs sad It is hard when others announce their pg esp when they are at the stage you were at when you lost the pg. We got a xmas card today from acquaintances of ours and they announced their pg - baby due in May. Mine was due July. Happy for them, but sad for us.

sad your m/c experience was horrific sad I lost one last year around the same time you lost yours - 12 week pg but 8 week old fetus. I couldn't have waited weeks to m/c so I went for an ERPC. This time I was 8 weeks pg but it was a blighted ovum so only a sac, no baby. I went for a ERPC again as I found it really hard to cope with the fact that I had thought everything was ok - couldn't bear to wait weeks to m/c. Anyway, 2 weeks on and I am still getting postive hpts. Just want it over and done with. A postive hpt is very cruel when you are trying to get over a m/c. There is no way it can be a new pg either, before you ask. I have not had a negative hpt yet, have been testing weekly.

Does anyone have suggestions as to what to do if HCG lingering after m/c? Do I get re-scanned, get HCG bloods or phone EPU?

bubbles8987 Fri 12-Dec-08 18:57:47

ladylush, i would advise ringing your EPU however its only now at 2wks 4 days after my ERPC that i have got a negative reading this morning. Ive read that it can take up to 6 wks so i would give it some more time before contacting anyone.

sad and ready - i completely sympathise with everything you have written, it is just so hard to move on and deal with things. And i definately agree with the fact that you can seem to be coping on the outside but inside you feel such despair and total sadness.

For the last week my boobs have been sore and ive been very moody. Today i had a slight very pale pink discharge - im wondering if this is a sign that my period is on its way. HOwever im also hoping that it could be signs of a new pg. Im going to wait until the end of next wk (if AF hasnt arrived) and take a test to see if its positive as ive finally got a negative one today. I know im being a little too optimistic but cant help it!
Wot does everyone think? could this be signs of an early pregnancy or is more realistically AF?

ladylush Fri 12-Dec-08 19:08:49

Thanks bubbles (sorry to hear of your m/c sad). I think I will leave it a bit longer. I don't feel there is an infection. It's just taking so much longer this time. On the plus side, don't need to feel worried if I have a drink.

arena Fri 12-Dec-08 19:11:30

Hi bubbles8987 you could be pregnant again, im still testing positve and its gonna be 6 weeks soon. Im also getting pale on/off pink discharge,im wondering if it is inplantation bleeding.

Im off to the doctors on monday, so i will deffo let you know if i am, best of luck to you.

bubbles8987 Fri 12-Dec-08 19:33:37

thanks arena,
I wish you all the luck in the world that you get a BFP!!! Il be thinking of you and let me know how you get on!

ladylush Fri 12-Dec-08 20:43:46

Is it possible to be pregnant though when hpts only just negative? I thought it might take some time for ovulation to get back on track?

ThePippy Sat 13-Dec-08 10:07:08

Hi Bubbles, I had an ERPC back in September and was having +tve tests 3 weeks later. AF came about 4 weeks after ERPC, which was about 1 week after last +tve test.

On a positive note, hopefully to give you hope, I am now pregnant again (just got BFP on Tuesday this week). I waited until I had AF and -tve tests before TTC because I think I would have found it traumatic going for a dating scan and them not finding a heart beat but not knowing if that is because baby is still too small or because it has ended again.

You have to do what is right for you though, so I'm sending you lots of love and hugs and thinking about you.

ladylush Sat 13-Dec-08 13:05:56

Congrats ThePippy smile

Tinker3 Sat 13-Dec-08 14:29:47

Hello.. Can I join you guys? I have just miscarried.. I was 11+5 weeks but baby had only made it to 8/9 weeks.. I opted for medical management, the gave me the first tablet (orally) in hospital at about 1pm on Wednesday, then 12 hours later at 1am, I went it to labour (for want of a better expression) and began to pass it - it went on for 5 hours until I finally passed the embryo.. I thought it was all over and rested up on Thursday afternoon with DH but then on Friday at about 9am I had horrendous pain (severe contractions but worse than before) and called the hospital up. I went back in and a scan showed there was still more to come out and they were about to give the vaginal tablet to try and soften the cervix to get the rest out but I managed to do it naturally, so they sent me home. Very hard to flush embryo down the loo and DH and I both feeling totally heart broken by the whole thing (it was our first) but we're keen to try again... Any advice? When's a good time? My sister in law concieved again just 2 weeks after a D&C and now has a beautiful health boy.. So there's hope I guess?

ladylush Sat 13-Dec-08 14:32:53

sad Tinker.

bubbles8987 Sun 14-Dec-08 15:52:01

Tinker, im so sorry for your loss. its such a hard thing to experience. After my D&C four wks ago I waited 2 wks before ttc, as I read that you can get an infection if you dont wait. However, once the 2 wks were up we started trying again.
Unfortunately my AF came yesterday, I was so so devastated - I had kinda started to believe I was pg again. But on the positive side, I now have a date to work from on future ttc!

Tinker3 Tue 16-Dec-08 14:16:47

Ah bubbles.. That's the bit I am dreading.. more negative preg tests sad. I also find in frustrating that people are saying to me 'ah well, at least you know you can get pregnant' This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying!

Here's to a happy Christmas trying!!!

DarrellRivers Tue 16-Dec-08 14:23:56

I believe the time taken for your BHCG to fall back to negative varies so much.
I have had 3 early MCs around 5-6 weeks, first 2 were back to negative preg test after 1-2 weeks, this time I have still have positive preg test 4 weeks after.
I have had to get scanned this time few weeks back as was freaked as to why still positive and had empty uterus.
I think it varies so much as to how long it takes for your bhcg to go down to negative.
Keep doing urine preg tests and when negative then you will know you are able to get pregnant.

sadchristmasfairy Fri 26-Dec-08 18:24:32

Ready to pop - I know how you feel. It's not starightforward at all. Following my last post I've had no period and just tested positive for pregnancy. I did do a test 2 weeks after miscarrying that read negative but 2 weeks later it was positive. They said the negative one may have been a false reading though. I've been to the doctors and had a blood test whch has tested positive also and they think it may be a new pregnancy but I have to wait til Mon to have a second blood test then Tues for results to see if hormone decreasing or increasing. If it's increasing I am if it's decreasing it's the hormones from the miscarriage. I'm trying not to be too hopeful in case I'm disappointed but also scared in case it's too soon.

There's just no logic to how you feel about these things! On the one hand you really want it to be true and on the other you're terrified in case it happens all over.

Have to wait and see - nothing else I can do. Here's hoping. It feels different this time if I am - in a good way. Will let you know x

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