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How long for first period after medical management?

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Sabs1981 Thu 23-Oct-08 20:34:34

I started miscarrying a month ago today (was 3 months pregnant and it as my first pregnancy) sad and have been told to wait 3 months until I try again.

What I want to know from others is how long it took for their first period? I am starting to stress myself out as I haven't had my first period yet and it is hard enough as it is to have to wait until the new year to try again. I had medical management when I miscarried

I know I am being so impatient, but I am so despearate to start trying again sad

VickyJane77 Thu 23-Oct-08 20:41:33

Hi Sabs,I'm so sorry about your miscarriage.
My 1st one was in June, and my period arrived exactly 5 weeks afterwards. I'm currently going through my 2nd mc, this time naturally, so I don't know when my next af will arrive this time. Here's hoping it will be soon, as I want to know where I'm at so can start planning ttc.

Liney15 Thu 23-Oct-08 21:16:36

Hi Sabs - been in a similar situation recently - had medical management at 9 weeks, my first pregnancy as well.

My period came 32 days later and I'm now trying to take my temperature so I can gauge when I ovulate as am trying again.

Out of interest who told you needed to wait 3 months before trying again? As the most I heard was a month and thats purely for dating purposes - my SIL got pregnant immediately after a mc without waiting (though this wasn't intentional). I think in the leaflets I got it said if you hadn't had a period after so long to see your GP - i think it was about 8 weeks but not sure sorry.

Sabs1981 Thu 23-Oct-08 21:27:14

Liney15 The midwife I saw at EPAU told me to wait 3 months due to the medication still being in my system and if I was to get pregnant it may effect the baby and it was not worth the risk. Midwife also wrote it in my notes.
On a positive note, she also said I could go straight into EPAU (if) once I get pregnant again for a scan at 7 weeks which is so reassuring. DH and I are going India for a couple of weeks at the end of the year so plan to start again once we get back. Think it will give me time to recover emotionally too

lands72 Fri 24-Oct-08 16:25:41

hi, I had slient miscarriage at 13 weeks with my fourth baby. My first period came 6 weeks later and have been expecting the next one for over a week, have done a pregnancy test as I stopped the pill three weeks ago and that has come back negative. Has anyone else had similar experiences. Lands

scamperT Fri 24-Oct-08 16:52:35

Hi lands, I am sorry about your loss. I have had two mcs this year. After the first one, my cycle was pretty normal and in fact I was pg again within 3 months, but since the second one in July, I have been all over the place - like you, it took 6 weeks to get my first period, and then my next was over a week late. This month I did an ovulation test kit which was positive around a week later than I would have expected, so that means my period will be a week late too this time. Its so frustrating as I used to have regular cycles... feels like the longer my cycles are, the longer I am waiting to be pg again. But if I am anything to go by, then what you are also experiencing is not out of the ordinary. Not that that makes it any easier. xx

scamperT Fri 24-Oct-08 17:01:38

ps - Sabs, have talked to you on other threads - thank you for your support - totally understand your impatience with the waiting and I am sorry your first pg was not to be. I was not told to wait, but not sure if it is different if you have medically managed mc? I have been completely manic about trying to get pg again, to the point where DH has got quite worried for my sanity. Problem is having the usual desire to be pg mixed up with grief over lost little ones. Sometimes feels like only way to be happy again is to be pg again, but am beginning to think time to grieve also important. Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your holiday at the end of the year, sounds like a very good idea xx

Sabs1981 Sun 26-Oct-08 12:14:55

scamperT feeling exactly the same as you, my periods before have always been regular, like clockwork...its been 32 days and still no sign sad I know I am being impatient, should probably start stressing more when it gets to 6 weeks..but it just means I have to wait that much longer to start trying again. Its like you can read my mind and are know exactly what thoughts and emotions I am going through!!
Sending out lots of hugs back to you. Thanks again, your posts are helping me so much

Liney15 Sun 26-Oct-08 17:39:17

Hi - I think I could have written what you wrote scamper - it sounds like so much what I'm feeling. Hope AF comes soon for you Sabs its awful when your not sure what your cycle is doing - thats why I started temping and sticking it in Fertilityfriend (still find it confusing as its moved ovultion day from day 15 to 17 now).

scamperT Sun 26-Oct-08 22:19:42

hello ladies, well I enjoyed my friend's wedding despite the fact that we must have been the only couple there without kids! Loads of girls I was at school with as it was the wedding of a childhood friend, and there they all were with numerous babies and toddlers, on top of which my lovely sis, who was also there as well as my parents, is pg. Watching my mum watching the other grandparents with their grandchildren was almost too much.

Of course there were lots of good parts to the day, mainly the fact that my friend has married an absolutely wonderful man, but predictably the high baby count plus little sis being pg took its toll and I went to sleep on little sis's spare bed crying into DH's shoulder! Poor man. He really does have to pick up the pieces. Have promised him I will try to be less mad about ttc.

Temperature chart, thermometer and ov test kits presently consigned to a box. At first it did make me feel more in control to know when I was going to ovulate, but then I became obsessed, and in fact am not convinced I have even ovulated as my temps have not gone up properly. Bloody body!!! Also the ov test kit led to a completely rediculous day last friday...finally got the smiley face on the test showing an LH surge when I tested at work on friday, but as I was going to a friend's for the weekend I ended up ringing DH in a blind panic, leaving work early and paying out for a hotel room near to london bridge station so we could do the deed before I got the train to my friends house. Would be funny if it had happened to someone else!!

Am currently trying to ignore the fact that in a weeks time I should either be pg or have my period. Have organised a night out with girlfriends next saturday. If I am not pg then am planning to drown sorrows in too many glasses of nice wine.

Sabs, liney, vickyjane and lands, I guess there is little point telling you to relax and your body will do what it is supposed to, seeing as I seem unable to take that advice myself! Said it before, but again, so sorry for all your losses. No one deserves this. I hope this week is a better one for you all


Sabs1981 Mon 27-Oct-08 09:45:23

ScamperT good luck for the rest of the week and next week. Sounded as if you were very brave at the wedding and good to know you have a caring DH. I've been doing a lot of that too, crying on DH's shoulder.
Liney15 thanks for your note too. Day 35 and still not AF sad

Sabs1981 Mon 03-Nov-08 22:20:32

Hi all. As original poster, just wanted to let you know that AF visited me last thursday, 38 days after MC. (TMI alert) The first 3 days were very heavy, but luckily not painful
scamperT, Liney15, lands72, VickyJane77 hope you all have positive news soon

Sabs1981 Mon 03-Nov-08 22:22:09

Btw, its been posted elsewhere, but thought you all might like to know that Boots have first response pregnancy and ovulation kits on a buy one get one free offer.
I stocked up, in the hope for the new yearblush

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