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Trying to conceive, Possible miscarriage?

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QuestioningMama Sun 01-Nov-20 17:10:54

It's too early to tell if I'm pregnant or not with a test, but the last interval between my periods in September (16-19) and October (8-12) was 19 days from the last day and the first day. I calculated that it was the same amount of time when my light spotting started yesterday.

When I get my period, usually I have severe cramping that I need to take Ibuprofen or else I'm in too much pain and I have a more noticeable flow. I don't usually spot for the first day or generally at all. Yesterday when the spotting occured, I had very very minor cramps that didn't seem to be anything bothersome. The spotting I'm getting is very light though, everything is but I did see a really long stringy piece blood unlike what I'm ever used to and it seemed out of place with all of the really light pinkish spotting. The only other colour I've seen during these 2 days is a really light brown, but nothing I'm experiencing is a dark colour.

Can anyone help me get an idea of what's going on or when is it possible for me to have a pregnancy test?

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