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Burial at home of 2nd trimester miscarriage, 15 week baby, casket advice

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BabyBuntings Sun 09-Aug-20 10:01:21

I would like some practical advice from anyone who has had a 2nd trimester miscarriage and chose to bury their baby at home. For those people reading this who haven't been through it but feel the need to comment without having an answer to the questions I'm asking, please don't. I am asking a specific question to a topic because I genuinely would like an answer, I don't need to know your own personal opinions on burials at home or otherwise. Sorry to be abrupt but emotionally I don't think I could handle it, so Thank you for showing restraint.

I miscarried last week at 15 weeks, the baby was healthy but I started contractions. This being my 3rd miscarriage and my only successful birth was at 26 weeks (luckily my daughter survived and is now 2) it seems clear that the problem is my cervix. Giving birth to a baby that only 1 hour before had a heartbeat but is too small to be viable has broken my heart (obviously).
Anyway, I have decided to bury my baby in a (large and beautiful) planter at home with a (small) tree, it avoids the complications with burial in a garden and moving house, having to declare it on a mortgage etc.
My question is this, to anyone who's buried their baby, what did you put the remains in? Did you use something that would bio-degrade with the remains? Were you worried about foxes digging it up? (awful, but a genuine concern) How did you prevent it? Did you use plastic? Wood? something with a lid? Did you permanently seal it? There is nothing on this officially and no miscarriage websites etc offer details on specifics, only that this is possible and something many people do. I hope to wrap my baby in some material I have (that holds deep sentiment to me) and possibly use a wooden box if I can find /make one.
I appreciate anyone who's done this sharing their story, and I am so sorry you have been through this too.
Much love

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