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HcG has remained the same

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2020lady Sat 27-Jun-20 08:24:52

Hello all,

I am new to the community and I think I have just come on here for a bit of support or advice, I’m hoping someone can help.

This is my first pregnancy, I found out last Friday from doing a positive pregnancy test. Everything seemed fine until Monday night when I had a few cramps in the evening and my lower back was sore. Tuesday morning I woke up, went to the loo and had spotting, brown, but only that once when I wiped. I experienced pain most of the day, lower back and cramping on one side going to my groin. It wasn’t horrendous pain, but enough to worry. In the evening I went to bed early, woke up to little pain. Again, same thing again when I went to the loo, I had brown spotting - but only the first wipe.

I called the doctors in the morning and she said as I was too early the EPU won’t see me, she said she will say my last period date was earlier so I met the 6 weeks criteria. I was only 5w1D.

I went to the EPU and they performed both US, and could not see anything. They agreed that it could be the dates which are wrong and was too early to tell. They diagnosed the it as a unknown location pregnancy. They then took my bloods and said come back in 2 days which is normal to see if there is an increase and so that they could estimate how far gone I am.

So I went back yesterday, the lady said my HcG was 245 and they hoped it would double. I had the call last night that my HcG level has remained the same, 48 hours later it is still 245.

The nurse said they were stumped, as it usually goes up or down, but they want to get me in again tomorrow for another test. I do not have any symptoms for etopic, but they can’t rule it out. I said to her, this means the likeness of this being not viable is high and she said that she doesn’t want to give me any hope but we’re wait for Sunday’s results and she expects the consultant will want to see me on Monday.

I am preparing for the worse, I am not being unrealistic but I have searched everywhere for anyone who has had the levels remain the same and I can’t find it anywhere. I was just wondering if anyone had any similar situations?

Sorry for the long rant, being so early it’s only be and my partner that know and he is quite down about it all as well, so I think you guys are getting the brunt of it all in my essay.

Any help would be appreciated

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