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Missed Miscarriage - Natural MC. Waiting for the bleeding to begin.

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Driftwood2000 Wed 18-Mar-20 19:28:33

This is my first mumsnet post!

So I had a private scan at what I thought was 7 weeks but the sonographer put me between 5-6 weeks. There was a a gestational sac and a yolk sac but no embryo. The gestational sac was also an irregular shape with jagged edges on one side.

Waited 2 weeks for the next scan which showed the gestational sac had broken down but the material still remained in the uterus.

My last menstrual period was the 10th of January 2020. This puts me at 10 weeks pregnant with the baby deceased around 5 weeks ago.

I initially went for the scan as I had bleeding after sex around the 5 week mark 5th February. This was like a gush that lasted half a day. The day after 2 clots appeared.
After this I had brown spotting and again after sex bright red blood would appear.

The day before my second scan I had another red gush but not as much as the first. I knew I was going to miscarry.

So my second scan was a week ago and I've had some minor spotting and minor cramps here and there.

I am wondering when I am going to fully miscarry? It's been 5 weeks and I'm not really feeling like there is much happening?

Has anyone else had a similar experience?
Does anyone have any tips on speeding up a natural miscarriage?

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