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Egg transfer after miscarriage

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C88M Sun 05-Jan-20 13:27:13

We found out that we lost the baby from our first IVF cycle recently. We had a Missed miscarriage at the 12 week scan after hearing a heartbeat at 7 weeks. We’re both heartbroken, all I can think of is trying again.

We have three frozen embryos from cycle 1. Does anyone know how soon we can transfer? I assume we need to wait for the hcg to drop to 0, but would I need to wait longer? I don’t have periods.
I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post this.

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danni0509 Sun 05-Jan-20 13:39:29

@C88M same thing happened to me, missed miscarriage after my first ivf.

We had the miscarriage in the December (found out xmas eve at my scan - shit Xmas!) it wasn't fully over with until nearly the end of the January as I waited for nature to take its course but it didn't so I had to take 2 tablets to help everything get a move on, it was such a horrible time, bless you.

I had embryo transfer again first week of May and my son was born (second cycle of Ivf) exactly a year to the date I took those tablets to help the miscarriage along. Crazy timing!

In answer to your question, our ivf clinic wanted 3 periods or 3 months.

Best of luck. My son is 6 now.

danni0509 Sun 05-Jan-20 13:40:25

Also, I'm sorry for your loss thanks

MrTumbleTumble Sun 05-Jan-20 13:45:42

So sorry for your loss.

You'll need a follow up appointment with your clinic to determine when you can try again. We've recently had similar (except much earlier - miscarriage at 6 weeks) and they want to do some further testing before trying again in case there are autoimmune issues or killer cells (I think!) that had an impact. This means there is a minimum of 3 months wait, but it could be like PP says that they like that much time to pass between miscarriage and a new pregnancy.

I totally understand the urge to try again ASAP though flowers

C88M Sun 05-Jan-20 17:30:50

@danni0509 oh hope horrible for it to be Christmas Eve life’s not very fair is it! I’m glad it worked out for you in the end though.

I’m having the medical management the baby stopped growing the week after my 7 week scan, I’m 13 weeks and my bodies not noticed so decided it wasn’t worth waiting. My bodies clearly not got the hang of the whole thing!!

@MrTumbleTumble I’m sorry you’ve been through similar, the tests will be reassuring though hopefully and if anything comes up then hopefully they can help.

Thank you both I’m a planner so it feels good to have a rough timeline in my head. It makes me feel a bit more in control even though I have no control over the whole thing!

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