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Anyone told to stop breastfeeding whilst having a medical management of a miscarriage ?

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avocadoincident Tue 22-Oct-19 18:04:41

Just that really.

20 week scan has no heartbeat.

I'm feeding 18 month old toddler.

Drs told me stop just in case but I'm having mixed advice now in real life and on a thread I posted on in the early hours.

I've taken a tablet to soften cervix last night and I've been pumping and dumping ever since. Going to hospital tomorrow to be induced.

Toddler is out of their mind not being able to feed. Which is making a tough situation worse.

Anyone carried on feeding during similar circumstances?

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Pamplem00se Sat 26-Oct-19 13:35:41

I was specifically told I could feed during medical management. It was one of the reasons I went down that route as dd was 22 months and wouldn't have understood the sudden stop. Can you talk to the hospital breastfeeding coordinator or someone with mpre experience? Quite often non specialists will go down the extreme caution route....

avocadoincident Sat 26-Oct-19 13:57:23

Well since I posted I did some searching online and found a great resource. It's run by volunteers and pharmacists and they have me comprehensive advice. Unfortunately this was after a harrowing 36 hours of not breastfeeding at a time when you need everything to be as easy as possible.

I'm writing to the hospital to sign post them to the network. They are there for parents and health care professionals alike, they run training and have a #dontjustsaystoplookitup.

Thanks for your reply and sorry for your loss thanks

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