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Hope after 3 miscarriages

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Lisalou88 Mon 11-Feb-19 15:37:52

I have just had my third miscarriage over the last few days. Last year I had a MMc at 12 weeks, baby stopped growing at 7 & a MC at 5 weeks and I was almost 6 weeks when I just had my 3rd. I just feel so helpless and feel like my dream of having a baby is never going to happen. With the miscarriage at 5 weeks I knew it was going to happen as the lines were light but this time I had really strong positives & all the symptoms & thought it was 3rd time lucky and then just suddenly bam all symptoms gone & bleeding. Just wondering how people cope with recurrent miscarriage and also if anyone has any success stories as right now I feel like it’s never going to happen 💔

PineapplePrincess Tue 12-Feb-19 21:03:18

Hi @Lisalou88. Sorry to hear about your miscarriages, life really can suck. flowers

I’ve had four miscarriages in total. One healthy son, first pregnancy followed by the four successive miscarriages at 10wks, 5wks, 6wks and 12wks. I am currently 35wks pregnant with what I hope is our rainbow.

I’ve had a range of tests over the course of the two years we experienced the miscarriage. Nothing was ever identified, and if I’m honest other than taking aspirin from 6wks, and refusing all vitamins, there has been nothing different done in this pregnancy. If anything we had given up and were at the point of moving on.

I’m 42 though, so much of what I’ve put it down to is a series of ‘bad eggs’. We finally got lucky with a good one.

Recurrent miscarriage is hard. Go easy on yourself. It can be all the more fraught with the lack of information or understanding as to what is causing it - seeking something to fix.

I found the focus of continually TTC as something that kept me going, and I think I would have struggled just ‘giving up’ - but the highs and lows were getting too much. After so many losses you also get a bit hardened, and a positive test becomes recognition that a baby will not always follow. Harsh, but a necessary protectionist mechanism.

Sorry, I’m rambling and probably not necessary helping you much. Just wanted to let you know, you are not alone. And there is hope. xox

Iggi999 Tue 12-Feb-19 23:42:37

I had a ds, then 4 mc in the first trimester, and then ds2. I had tests after mc3, ended up taking baby aspirin, hs folic acid, vit d3, progesterone and sterioids. This was for raised levels of natural killer cells. I found keeping researching and planning both drove me mad and kept me sane. I didn’t have much time age wise. I know that some people who have recurrent mcs are sadly unsuccessful but in my time on here the vast vast majority of women have gone on to have a baby. Good luck to all of you flowers

Huncamuncaa Wed 13-Feb-19 14:06:33

So sorry. It is an emotional rollercoaster and I think you just have to find your own way if coping. You're not alone though.

I have had 4, all between 6 and 10 weeks.

I was fortunate. Had one, then my son, then 3 more.
Because we had a healthy boy we didnt think much of it or worry too much but the last one hit us really hard. I had a really stressful job at the time, which i was only coping with by planning my mat leave. Everything just fell apart for me and I was really depressed for several months. I've ended up changing careers.

We had tests, some NHS and some private. I am borderline for antiphospholipid syndrome and lupus. My husbands sperm was good quantity but not quality. We were told either of those things could have caused the MCs. We were pushed towards IVF by the private doctor but as its our second child would have to have funded it ourselves. A lovely NHS doctor disagreed it was necessary and said if we could emotionally cope with it, he recommended one last try with me taking blood thinning injections. I am 10 weeks pregnant, terrified but hopeful.

There are lots of posters who have had god outcomes after mulitple miscarriages. Dont give up hope. My son was a miracle - we just didnt realise at the time!

There's a lot of research happening in this area. I've been really helped by some brilliant NHS staff, including a lovely nurse who is scanning me every 2 weeks. She supported a lady in having a baby after 14 miscarriages! Shes the most positive person i've ever met and is really helping me cope with this pregnancy because most of the time i feel like an emotional wreck.

You should be eligible for some tests after 3 miscarriages. Hopefully they should give you some answers or put your mind at rest. Take care of yourself.

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