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40, 2nd miscarriage. Heartbroken

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shortz Sat 15-Sep-18 22:31:42

Last year Aug (2017) I miscarried at 5.5 was. We tried for a year and didn't conceive. Late July this year (2018) I had to have my left tube and large cyst on my left ovary removed. They managed to leave to ovary to avoid early menopause and said there was no reason I couldn't fall pregnant.

2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and was 6 wks yesterday. I went to EGU for a scan and blood test just to check all was going as it should be after my surgery being not that long ago. They couldn't see anything but told me not to worry it could just be that I'm earlier than I thought. Up u til this point I hadn't had any bleeding but had had some aches and slight cramps on the left and lower tummy area which I hoped was just due to the operation and possible scaring. I tried to remain positive but half any hour after I returned home I began to bleed very lightly. My midwife advised to rest and not to go to work as it could be implantation. I took her advise, however in vain, later that night the bleeding got heavier and I became to have cramps and some pain. Although not a heavy as my first MC which was at 5.5 weeks. I'm due to go back tomorrow for the 2nd blood test. I did call EGU when the bleeding started and was told they were on lunch and someone would call me back, they never did. They don't seem to care!

I feel I know what I'm going to be told but there's a small part of me that is praying is all due to my op and the baby is OK, part of me knows this isn't true.

I just wanted to know why this keeps happening and how I can avoid it happening if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again. I know I am Fortunate to have had previous healthy children (23,19, 3) before all this but believe me that doesn't make the heartache any less painful.

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Lumpy76 Thu 20-Sep-18 11:15:34

Hi @shortz just checking how you are?

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