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Donnaconfused Fri 01-Jun-18 13:43:59

Hi I have done test on 14 of may came up + then done one the next day came back - whent to docs they did one and came up very faint line now there all coming - I've had what I think is implemented bleeding I was not due on untill today but can someone plz help doc says to do a test and if it's neg then that's it but I feel as tho I am. Has any1 been tho this and if so did they get a happy ending? Any advice welcome.

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Kocerhan3 Fri 01-Jun-18 16:05:07

I'm sorry you're going through this. I experienced the same in February. And I know you feel like it's only you, like you're alone. Please know that it's very normal, I was told 1 in 4 women miscarry early. That's most of the women you pass in the street. The bleeding isn't a good sign, mine meant I had lost the pregnancy. Give yourself time - a lot of "finding out what's going on" is waiting. Be patient, take your tests and ask all the questions you can to your gp. Stay strong, but the negative tests and bleeding aren't a good sign. Although negative tests mean the hormones leaving your body so it means it may be nearly over for you. Ready to start a fresh whenever you're ready.

Donnaconfused Fri 01-Jun-18 16:23:29

Thanks for your reply I'm sorry to hear about you, I just really am confused by all of this. It's a waiting game I don't want to play.

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