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Periods after this my period?

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Laney79 Thu 24-May-18 22:16:26

Hi -warning serious TMI follows.

I'm after experiences of your first period after missed miscarriage.

I found out 17th March there was a prob (should've been 9 weeks, but baby only measuring 5) -eventually diagnosed with MMC - had med management 18th April, failed...half dose 20th also failed...then was given mifepristone on the 25th, and more misoprostol 27th...main bulk of miscarriage 29th April, negative test 8th may.

Ever since the bleeding started on 27tg April it's not stopped...most of it though hasn't been what is consider normal blood...its been very gloopy, almost like snotty consistency. It got gradually less, but was still there and bloody coloured.

Then this Tuesday I started bleeding-had a gush with several small clots/bits of dark tissue (like you get on a period), and it happened several more times that day, before returning to the snotty bloody stuff...

I'm still passing the snotty bloody stuff-but nothing on pad, only when I go to the loo, and often it needs a little push to get it to appear. Then it just hangs there until I wipe.

So is this my period? Anyone experienced anything like this? Pain wise I had some bad pains on Friday but this week there's not been much, although today I've had discomfort in the tummy.

Thanks for any experiences/advice.

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PineapplePrincess Thu 24-May-18 23:34:04

Hi @Laney79, so sorry to hear of your loss. You sound as if you’ve had a traumatic time with medical management also. flowers

My understanding is you should have at least 2wks between bleeds to count as a period.

I’m currently post medical management and awaiting a negative pregnancy test. So will be interested to know when period will kick in. Don’t feel like I’ve bled enough with this miscarraige.

Previous miscarriages I’ve had 4-5 weeks gap between miscarriage and period. Then back to 28 day cycles.

Laney79 Fri 25-May-18 06:36:33

Thanks @PineapplePrincess - this is what's so confusing -my nurse at the EPAU said some women spot right through to the next period, and my GP says this gloopy stuff I had prior to Tuesday would be considered spotting by them.

Really just want it over now.

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PineapplePrincess Fri 25-May-18 10:15:06

Have you had a negative pregnancy test since the miscarriage @Laney79? That usually a good indicator the the miscarraige has passed all the tissue. And any ‘new’ bleeding is likely to be a period.

Laney79 Fri 25-May-18 10:45:42

@PineapplePrincess yeah - I had a very faint positive on 1st may, and the next time I tested on the 8th may I had a negative -so it's within the window I guess, especially as my cycles have been irregular since I came off the pill last autumn (28 days, 21 days, 24 days) -really really hoping it is just a weird AF xxx

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