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Advice needed 3rd MC RIGHT NOW

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zarala Wed 07-Mar-18 15:03:28

Hi guys
I am currently miscarrying for the 3rd time
My doctor said to collect the pregnancy sac which I believe is whitish
The nurse at the EPU said to collect all the clots
I am confused! What is correct? There are so many clots?
I haven't yet seen the sac come out.
Do I collect everything? Or just find the sac?this is so gruesome - I am literally sat on the loo now with a bowl inside it trying to collect everything
It's awful but I really want to find some answers
Any advice appreciated


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Emabrmsca Wed 07-Mar-18 15:49:44

Bumping for you. I don't have any advice but just wanted to say sorry for what you're going through 💐

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