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Horrible miscarriage experience

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Sictransitgloria Wed 06-Dec-17 23:53:26

Hi - I just need to get this out! Probably tmi but I wish I had known about this before I experienced it so hope it helps someone.

To cut a very long story short, I went to a&e with some bleeding at 11 weeks pregnant (I had been bleeding for over a week and spotting had changed to red blood) I was sent to EPU and a very rude dr made me feel very stupid for coming in. He told me it wasn’t much blood. I was eventually scanned which showed I had a sac but no foetus.

Had another scan the next day to double check it wasn’t ectopic, the nurse told me to expect some bleeding and to contact the EPU if the bleeding was heavier than 3 pads per hour for 2 hours. 3 days later I bled massively and was passing huge clots the size of my hand. For an hour it was gushing and my partner took me to EPU where I dripped blood all over the floor through 3 sanitary towels, leggings and shoes (I looked like the walking dead) and waited for staff to come out of their handover. At this point I was freaking out, we had no reassurance, and I really thought I was just going to bleed out on this ward. I was helped by a nurse to change into a gown which was very messy and I passed the biggest clot which looked like a kidney. I was finally seen by 2 drs, one was a bit harrassed and the other was quite nice. I was internally examined, bloods taken and put on a drip straightaway as they were concerned by the amount of blood I was passing - still gushing at this point 2.5hrs later. The blood slowed to a heavy period type flow 4 hours after. I was admitted to the ward but was then nil by mouth overnight and IV fluids stopped, by the morning I was feeling very wobbly. I had another scan which showed I still had the sac. That next day around the same time I had the worst cramps I have ever experienced I thought I was going to vomit because of the pain. That night I passed a lot of blood, clots and tissue. It was awful but I was glad to be at home.

That week I was very wobbly, exhausted and could barely do anything without bleeding or passing large clots. I felt better this week and am now only spotting but another scan showed my uterus wall is too thick for them to say my miscarriage has completed. They have said I need to go in for another scan in 2 weeks and possibly have medical management if the wall has not thinned. It was never communicated that I would be at risk of haemorrhage or if what I experienced was normal.

Not once was I asked if I was ok. My partner was barely acknowledged. I am a nurse myself and to be frank I was appalled by the treatment. I asked if I had a haemorrhage but none of the nurses or drs would use that language? I just want to be told what is happening, like anyone would (they didn’t know I was a nurse).

Sorry for the essay, I’ve left out lots of things from my story, I hope it helps someone if you’re going through the same. I had no idea that you could bleed so much and it was a big shock, especially as there was no foetus? You are not alone x

Glitterandunicorns Sun 10-Dec-17 21:17:29

OP, I'm so very sorry for your loss. That sounds like an awful situation was made far more difficult for you and your partner than it had to be.
If you feel like it would help, you could speak to the patient liaison team at your hospital to provide feedback on your treatment. It definitely sounds like there are improvements to be made in their patient care at what is clearly a distressing and scary time.
I hope you're able to recover and heal despite your experience.

rachsl8 Sun 10-Dec-17 21:23:49

so very sorry for your loss, what an awful experience when you really needed compassion and support. x

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