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Recurrent Early miscarriages

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Terri555 Wed 18-Oct-17 21:29:55

I'm looking for some advice from someone who perhaps has had a similar experience. I've just went through my fifth consecutive miscarriage in the last 3 years - no succesful pregnancies. They've all pretty much went the same way...bfp at 4 weeks then I start bleeding about 5.5 weeks. I go to EPAS and get an internal scan but they dont see anything in my womb at all. This is followed by quantitive hcg blood tests which eventually show falling levels and confirm miscarriage. So I've had all the preliminary blood tests and scans for infertility as originally the problem was that I wasn't conceiving at all, all of these were normal. After my 3rd loss i went to the "recurrent miscarriage clinic" ran by the nurses in Epas who told me the only test they could do was for sticky blood (also negative) i was advised that they no longer offered genetic testing as this was costly. Now after my 5th loss and at my wits end i attended epas again and went through the same process. At my final blood test i more or less begged them to do something as I can't keep going through this with no plan. They referred me to the recurrent miscarriage consultant who has refused to see me as I 'do not meet nhs criteria' to be seen at this clinic based on the fact that they have never seen a foetus on a scan (its always been too early) and they have not been able to test products of conception (a test I've never been offered). First of all thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to read my essay lol. Has anyone been through a similar experience? Is it time for me to go private to seek answers?

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Thu 19-Oct-17 12:10:22

I'm so sorry this is happening to you and nobody is helping. I would ask your GP to refer you to Prof Siobhan Quenby at Coventry on the NHS (they can usually do an out of area referral). I believe her team would be willing to see someone in your position but you can contact them / your GP can contact them ahead of your referral if you wish.

Your GP should be your advocate in all of this. Are they supportive? They can also run some of the recurrent miscarriage tests themselves. Have you had thyroid function tested (including antithyroid antibodies)? What about the inherited thrombophilias such as protein S deficiency and factor V leiden? Has your DH had a sperm analysis done? Have you had your progesterone measured during your luteal phase (around day 21)? All of these things can be done via the GP.

If you're in a position to go private, I would see if you can be seen by Dr Raj Rai at St Mary's in London. Costly but very much worth it to be thoroughly tested for everything. Mary Stanton his secretary is incredibly helpful, friendly and will chat through costs etc. before booking an appointment.

I do hope that you can be offered some help soon. It's not acceptable that you have received this sort of brush off from the folks that are meant to help you (and I speak as the wife of a doctor, so do understand how busy they are). flowers

randomuser64746 Thu 19-Oct-17 15:57:36

We had all manner of tests here: and saw some great people. multiple missed miscarriages all 6-9 weeks. A little later than you. All sorts of tests everything normal. We would see a heart beat all fine and then died a week or 2 after.

we eventually had a daughter after 5 years of trying thanks to Asprin. at around 6 weeks the placenta stats to take over and the theory is that the blood is to thick to pass down the cord. 5.5 weeks is a little early, our earliest was 6.2 but maybe a possibility? First attempt with Asprin A) regulated my wife's cycle to 28 days B) conceived on first attempt and C) baby went full term.

Low does 50mg of Aspirin once a day. Also OK to be taken when breast feeding. We are currently pregnant with out second 10 weeks 1 day and so far things are looking good. Strong heartbeat this morning. After years of problems I can not stress how wonderful this cheap drug is by thinning the blood every so slightly.

Please have a look into it and speak to your GP about it. I am not aware of any potential risks with taking it (unless you have some underlying health problems) and has worked wonders for us. I hope this helps

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Thu 19-Oct-17 16:30:00

To add to randomuser's post, there seems to be no harm and some potential benefit to using progesterone suppositories from post-ovulation until 12 weeks. Cyclogest is something my GP has been happy to prescribe for me. I too use low dose aspirin (75mg slow release tablets) during pregnancy, and also prednisolone.

You might also want to take methyl folate rather than straight folic acid, as some people have a genetic mutation that prevents them effectively metabolising standard folic acid. The mutation itself is rarely tested for on the NHS, but since the answer is just to take the more biologically available form of folic acid, I have done this. L-Methylfolate, also commonly known as 5-MTHF, is the active form of vitamin B9 the human body can actually use. L- and 6(S)- forms are biologically active, while D- and 6(R)- are not.

Terri555 Thu 19-Oct-17 17:24:39

Thank you all for your replies and your suggestions on things we can try.

My GP is lovely and is very frustrated that the clinic won't see me. The nurses at EPAS have given him a list of blood tests to run so we will see what comes of that but after that point I'm just not sure what to do for the best. The thought of having to go through it all again without trying something to help is terrifying.

We are in Scotland so with regards to going private I doubt going to London for tests will be a feasible option. There are private medical companies in Scotland that do fertility testing but I would like to know what tests I specifically need so we can make sure they offer the right tests before paying a consultation fee.

Both my sister in law and her husband are gps in a different area to me and they say I would be seen by the consultant without question if I lived there. It's just so frustrating!

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Fri 20-Oct-17 12:49:10

I realise it's a long way to go to London, but my impression is that you wouldn't have to do a large number of visits (maybe 2) if you wanted to do the private tests with Dr Rai.

There are Tommy's recurrent miscarriage centres in Coventry, London and Birmingham but it may be worth seeing what is offered somewhere such as Glasgow - not every RMC will stipulate that there has to be ultrasonographic evidence of pregnancy to merit referral, as far as I know. GPs can and do refer out of area.

It's good that your GP is helpful. As I say, progesterone may be something that's useful to you (particularly since your losses were early). If you don't mind me asking, what's your age?

Terri555 Fri 20-Oct-17 17:12:52

I'm 30 so everyone keeps telling me I'm still young and I've got loads of time, it doesn't feel that way though after 4 years of trying x

SchnitzelVonCrummsTum Fri 20-Oct-17 18:52:20

I sympathise Terri555 - I had my first 3 miscarriages when I was 25 and it seemed to be all anyone ever said to me. Bloody annoying!

KimmiC Sat 21-Oct-17 12:31:08

Hi Terri555
I’m so sorry for your losses and really feel for you. I am also 30 and it’s really annoying when people say your still so young..
I am currently going through my 3rd consecutive miscarriage, I do have a beautiful little boy who is about to turn 2 which was a straight forward no complications pregnancy. Which is why I can’t understand why I am now having such difficulty.

One thing I have recently remembered is when I came off the contraceptive pill to TTC I did some research and took a natural supplement called Vitex (not sure if you have heard of this) it might be worth looking into? I took this to balance my hormones initially but now done some more reading which does indicate it could possibly help with early miscarriage. I know when I have gotten through this miscarriage I will start to take that again.
I have also seen a gynecologist who has said that I will need to take a low does aspirin and progesterone pessary as soon as I get my next BFP.
I haven’t had any testing done yet but am being referred now, I do believe I have an underlying hormonal imbalance so I am hoping the next plan of treatment will result in another successful pregnancy.
Wishing you all the best and I hope you get some answers soon. Xx

LisaSimpsonsbff Sat 21-Oct-17 16:25:50

I am so sorry for your losses. I am also furious that your local hospital won't help you further. I've lost three pregnancies, only one of which could be seen on an ultrasound (and that was just a tiny blob with no heartbeat - they thought it had stopped developing at five weeks) and there was never any question that I was eligible for recurrent miscarriage testing. For me (as for around half of women tested) all tests came back normal, so it's not a certain solution, but you absolutely should be having it to see.

I also wanted to recommend Coventry, if it would be at all possible for you - I went there for NK cells testing and although that didn't give me any answers either (turns out I don't have elevated levels of NK cells) I found their care and advice excellent - my local hospital was not great (though not as shockingly bad as yours) and I think I would have found the whole thing much worse without Coventry. I went as a private patient, which cost £540 and I had to go twice. They've put me on progesterone, but only just started TTC-ing again so no idea if that'll help in a future pregnancy or not.

I'm also 30 and also get the 'no need to worry, you're so young!' line. I agree it doesn't help at all.

Finally, I don't know whether you're intending on TTC again now, or having a break while you think about your options - but I just wanted to say that there's a thread of us in conception; it's called TTC after recurrent miscarriage but there a few women on there who aren't currently trying for various reasons (needing to recover after previous losses, waiting for tests/treatments). I started it because I needed to talk to other people in the same situation and have found it a huge help, so just wanted to let you know in case you thought it might be helpful for you.

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