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Infection symptoms?

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Smoothieyummy Sat 15-Jul-17 00:45:40

I've read what google said about symptoms of infection after miscarriage. But I'm still worried sick. Just because I don't want to have any issues that can then affect us trying again after the first miscarriage sad.

I don't have high temperature, bleeding has almost stop, discharge smells like normal discharge (basically normal smell of period blood, which idk what it's like for everyone but it's not a pleasant smell for me sorry TMI). BUT I still have small cramps, and what I'm worried most about is even though no high temperature but I feel feverish if that makes sense. For examples, I feel the body aches and muscles pains when you have the fever, just no high temperature accompanied. Doctor refuse to give me antibiotic because they said I don't have high temperature, they refuse to see me also to check if I do have infection or not or if I have passed everything from the previous days bleeding, just talked on the phone, next follow up appointment is in 10 days.

For those who did have infection, can you please let me know if you had similar symptoms like I do.

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