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RMC advice (London and/or Coventry?)

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MegsMog Sat 24-Jun-17 09:55:10

Looking for advice and hand-holding please as feeling sad and worried.

I had early MC's in April and May, and it's looking like that's happening again now as my lines are getting fainter at just 15 DPO.

I'm going to make a GP appointment for a referral to a RMC and wanted to hear views on which one? We're closest to St Georges but would consider any in central London. I've heard St Mary's is good? What about St Thomas?

After the last MC my GP did bloods for thyroid and diabetes both of which were fine. Should I ask for different bloods whilst I wait for referral?

Also I'm interested in Prof Quenby as I feel like hyperfertility might be the cause. I've been pregnant five times now, each conceived first time trying. For those of you who have self-referred, how much did it cost and how often did you need to go up?

TIA xx

LisaSimpsonsbff Tue 27-Jun-17 15:09:52

I'm really sorry that you're going through this again flowers. I've also had three MCs in the last few months, and have just got an appointment through for a referral to a specialist. It might vary from area to area, but for us I didn't have to make a decision about where to be referred when I went to the GP; they requested the referral and then they sent me a letter with the options (I think five of them?) that I lived close enough to be eligible for and I made a decision then. My options had quite varying waiting times, so that was a factor in my decision.

Starshine1 Tue 27-Jun-17 19:24:59

Sorry for your losses megs. Just one opinion, but I was referred to st Mary's rmc, waited four months for the initial appointment and now waiting 4 months for the follow up as my original follow up has been cancelled. Have been on other threads and prof quench has come up a lot and with positive feedback. I have gone to Epsom in Surrey instead of st Mary's in the end. I am sure there are women who have had a good experience of st Mary's though

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