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Miscarriage at 8wks...?

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Mumtonone Tue 21-Feb-17 16:45:38

Not really sinking in, and feeling utterly confused.

Scanned at 4wks(thought it was 6wks), to see sac but no heart beat. Rescanned two weeks later and heart beat found, dated 6wks at this point.

Queue four weeks of general illness; sickness bug, strep throat and a heavy cold courtesy of my two year old. Sunday was my first day of feeling human, then Sunday evening I was feeling pressure round my stomach and experienced light pink bleeding, although nothing excessive.

Called EPU yesterday and was kept in overnight; consultant did seem overly concerned about pregnancy more about the potential of a DVT, due to prior history.

Scans today came back negative for DVT, but found no heart beat. Scan was both ultrasound and internal. Dated pregnancy 7+4, when I should be 8+3 according to last scan.

I have another scan scheduled for Monday to reconfirm, and have asked for surgical op as I don't think I can face waiting to miscarry.

Is there any way the scan can be incorrect? The normal ultrasound showed my bladder was empty, can this effect detecting a heartbeat - external and internal? Measuring 7wks, would mean baby died just last week, or simply measuring small if there was a heartbeat.

I know I'm probably clutching at straws, but so wishing that it's just a mistake.

Advice on what to expect from the op, would also be appreciated.

INeedNewShoes Wed 22-Feb-17 10:23:28

Hi OP.

Sorry to see that your thread went unnoticed yesterday. I'm so sorry that you're going through this sad

There can be cases like this where everything turns out fine at the next scan, but that is very unusual. I think you would be kinder to yourself in the long-run to accept that your pregnancy is most likely over.

This happened to me last Spring. I was scanned at 6 weeks but was told I was measuring 5 weeks and only the yolk sac could be seen. I knew that I was 6 weeks (conceived via fertility treatment) so things had already gone wrong really. I was scanned again at 7+5 and there was a heartbeat and all was well. But then the baby stopped growing a few days later at 8 weeks (I found out at 11 weeks).

From my experience and that of others on MN, it does seem to very often be the case that when the first scan dates the pregnancy a week or more behind the known conception date that the pregnancy turns out not to be viable.

I'm sorry not to give you more hope, but I think it would be cruel to do so.

On the ERPC (surgical management of miscarriage), I chose this route and I think it was definitely the best for me. I felt that I couldn't cope with seeing the loss of the pregnancy by miscarrying naturally. Also it meant that I could move on as soon as possible and get my body back on track for ttc again.

The procedure itself is straightforward. You go into hospital as a day patient. You will be given a vaginal pessary to insert which encourages your cervix to open just ahead of the op. The op itself is very quick (around 10 minutes I think) and done under general anaesthetic. Once you've fully come around from the anaesthetic you will be allowed to go home once you have had something to eat and have urinated. You will need someone to take you as you have to be kept an eye on by someone else after a GA.

I know this is all awful to go through, but be kind to yourself and you will, with a little time, be ready to try again.

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