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Pregnancy loss

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SamanthaMarie Mon 23-Jan-17 14:28:18


I went for an early scan 29th December due to light pink spotting I was 11 weeks to find an empty sac they called this a "delayed miscarriage" I opted for the D&C which I had 5th January. I know its only been 3 weeks almost but I was just wondering 2 things, When does your normal period resume? When did others start trying again? I am finding the loss really hard and just feel like I am missing something and desperate to try again sad

OohNoDooEy Mon 23-Jan-17 14:30:28

I had similar. D&C on 19/12 and first period started on Thursday 19/1

SamanthaMarie Mon 23-Jan-17 14:32:46

So 4 weeks, Was your period normal or any different ?

OohNoDooEy Mon 23-Jan-17 17:26:10

Yes it was normal, maybe slightly heavier but totally manageable. I think you can ttc straight away - I think you're quite fertile but ideally you'd track your ovulation somehow

GreedyDuck Mon 23-Jan-17 20:14:17

I had an MVA on 21st December and got my first period yesterday. It seems a little heavier than usual, but not too bad really.

TurquoiseDress Tue 24-Jan-17 14:45:40


Sorry to hear that.
I had a MMC last summer, had medical management.

From the first day of bleeding (was the actual day of my dating scan! sad) to stopping, it was over 3 weeks.

We then first had sex shortly after- no contraception so I guess we were TTC from that point.
6 months down the line and nothing though.

My first period was about 1 month after the 'main event'- when I look back, realise I had a prolonged miscarriage, didn't pass things properly until a good week after I'd taken the pessaries etc
Reassured by midwives this was all normal.

First period was horrendous (mine are usually fairly light- previously on the pill tho) and I was leaking with tampons after barely an hour, not used to that at all.

For about 3 months I never left home without a variety of sanitary protection. It was horrible and a constant reminder of the fact I'd lost a baby etc

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