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13wks post MMC and still no AF

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MrsEvian Thu 19-Jan-17 16:19:31

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with a MMC at 10w3d back in mid October - took 4 rounds of misoprostol and passed the sac 7 days later. It has now been 13 weeks since I first found out (12 since the MC completed).

I feel like I should have had a period by now. I thought that I might have conceived again prior to an AF as on New Years day I spotted ever so lightly for about 3 days (which was right in line with implantation spotting time if we had in fact conceived the last time we had done the deed. but now 19 days later I'm still getting negatives on HPT so I'm pretty certain that I am not pregnant.

My doctor wants me to wait another 4 weeks until he sends mefor a follow up scan. I feel like 16wks post MC is a long time to wait for AF to rewritten before medical intervention of some sort.

The waiting is killing me. I'm so depressed that it is taking so long to get back to normal - especially when everything is find online says most women are back on track in 6-8 wks. Has anybody else experienced this?

QueenGiggles Fri 27-Jan-17 16:55:52

I also had a MMC in October, I had 2 days of spotting in December but took 12wks 4days till I got period! I was starting to get worried and had booked to see doc but then it showed up!

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