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Miscarriage? Help please

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odragoleaf Tue 23-Aug-16 02:16:03

I was on Lo Loestrin birth control for a few years and then recently started working night shifts and was forgetting to take my pill. My period has always been irregular so when it didn't come or it came as spotting in cervical mucus, I thought nothing of it. On July 11, I thought I was just getting a really bad period, but it was extremely painful and lasted about 2 weeks. There were blood clots and a very weird smelling, slippery clear fluid and I am almost certain it was a miscarriage. I didn't however take a pregnancy test while I was pregnant so even though I was having symptoms(sickness, bloating, tender and swollen breasts, exhaustion without a cause) I don't have proof I was pregnant. A few weeks after the miscarriage and about a week after the bleeding stopped I had a pregnancy test done and it came back normal. I know I was pregnant, a mum just feels these things, you know? But I'm worried that the doctor is going to question me and deny it all when it happened over a month ago and I am certain that it was a miscarriage. Any other angel baby mommas have any advice/inputs?

user1471905879 Tue 23-Aug-16 02:31:15


So sorry for your loss. You know you're own body and if you think you were pregnant, then I'm sure you were.

My only advice would be, is to go to your doctors. A miscarriage can be very stressful and also very dangerous, you need to explain to your doctor and they may refer you to the hospital and scan you to make sure everything is fine and may monitor your levels. Even though a pregnancy test says negative, the levels may still be in your system which would indicate pregnancy.

melodypaige2098 Thu 25-Aug-16 14:34:09

I'm 22 and I have been on the microgynon pill for about 6-7 months now. Last month my period came on the 4th day of my 7 day break and last 2 days of medium to light flow normal in colour. I have all pregnancy symptoms since the beginning of July. Bloated belly, sore enlarged boobs, heart burn, nausea, change in toilet habits and fevers. I have also had raised pimples around my areola on my breast with bits of milk which come out if I squeeze slightly. This month I came on the first day of my seven day break and it was brown and watery then went black and thick clots now it is bright red with clots.
Please help. I took a pregnancy test in July and it was negative ...
do you think i had a miscarriage ?

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