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Am I misscarying??

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taknlou28 Tue 16-Aug-16 15:24:46

Hi all, this is my first post.
I have been undergoing my first IVF and all looked hopefull.
I started a "show"yesterday, I called hospital and they say that this is normal and to to do the pregnancy test they gave me as planned.
So today I wake up 6am the show has stopped and the test its showing positive.
I inform the hospital and they book me in for my 8 week scan to hear for heart beat.
Then at 11.30am I go to the toilet and notice dark brown/red clots, as I wipe a lot of this is on the loo roll.
With stringy clots...
I call the hospital and they inform to do another test in the morning.
I'm still bleeding now, only slightly.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I stopped having sore breast about a day or 2 before the "show"

I'm trying to stay hopeful as we have been waiting for this for 10 years but..... Xx

FrazzleRock Tue 16-Aug-16 15:32:34

Hi taknlou I have had two miscarriages. Both very very different as one was a missed miscarriage and the other was a very early on spontaneous one. The spontaneous one I just bled a huge amount, like literally pouring out of me for days which was unusual for only 4/5 weeks but there we go.
The missed miscarriage was at nearly 9 weeks and I had an op to remove my baby so I barely bled at all after the first day. Though I did get clots both times.

What I'm saying is every MC is so different so it is very hard to say. I so hope it isn't as the emotional pain is the darkest ever (I will never ever get over my first missed miscarriage. Never.)
The only thing you can do is wait it out, I'm afraid, and see. It could be nothing to worry about as bleeding, especially if implantation, is normal in pregnancy. flowers

taknlou28 Tue 16-Aug-16 15:38:39

Thankyou frazzlerock, the waiting is the worse.

Snowflakes1122 Tue 16-Aug-16 18:47:49

Fingers crossed for you that you get good news. I really feel for you in this horrible limbo waiting sad

I bled heavily with my ds and he is now nearly two. Continued for 8 weeks. It was due to a sch (clot that forms in womb)
Ironically, with my recent (missed) miscarriage I didn't bleed. Only found out at a scan.

So bleeding really doesn't always mean the worst. I have bled at some point in 2 of my 3 pregnancies that resulted in my 3 children.

Good luck flowers

Rifleponyandme Tue 16-Aug-16 18:50:19

I dont know op but when i was very early preg with ds who is now 5 i had brown blood and i was told it was the womb draining old blood away dont know if this is true but ds is now 5 and very happy and healthy

taknlou28 Tue 16-Aug-16 18:52:41

Thankyou, that's comforting to know.
I have to do another test in the morning, if it's fainter or not there then I know I've miscarried and have to let hospital know.
Fingers and toes crossed
But if I'm honest I've resigned to thinking I've miscarried sad but il know more tomorrow I guess xx

NaturalRBF Tue 16-Aug-16 18:55:12

I bled like this at 5/6 weeks and DD is currently running round like a loon. Good luck X

taknlou28 Wed 17-Aug-16 07:28:55

So I've just tested and the line is dark it's saying pregnant.
But I'm still bleeding! shock
This is all so nerve wracking
Have to til 8.30am to call the hospital confused

sandgrown Wed 17-Aug-16 07:32:19

My daughter had bleeding at six weeks but went on to have a healthy boy who is now 12. Fingers crossed for you x

flumpybear Wed 17-Aug-16 07:37:26

Hope you're ok. I was bleeding with my first child from 12 week scan (red blood huge clots) and it persisted til 18 weeks which by that time it was black blood. She was fine!!
The embryo, placenta etc burrow
Into the wall of the uterus to receive a Blood supply so it can cause Bleeding
I hope everything is ok.
Fwiw - I always found I was more likely to get pregnant after miscarriage so if this isn't good news then please take that into consideration too and don't stop trying
BUT here's hoping you don't need to recall that advice flowersstar

Motherfuckers Wed 17-Aug-16 07:57:01

Sorry, I don't know anything about IVF, what is a show?
I bled for about 10 days, everything was fine. As a PP said brown blood is old.

FrazzleRock Wed 17-Aug-16 12:03:13

Hi taknlou, did you call the hospital? What did they say?

Magazinepile Wed 17-Aug-16 12:07:28

Hope everything is ok sweetie. I had a miscarriage but it didn't show, just came out as negative on the tester but needed an operation to remove the little bubba.
If it's coming out as positive then I'd say you're not miscarrying.

taknlou28 Wed 17-Aug-16 12:14:01

Thankyou ladies, I'm still waiting for the nurse to call back.
The bleeding is now a bright red colour sad
Hopefully they will call soon and il request a scan or blood test. Xxx

FrazzleRock Wed 17-Aug-16 15:14:50

Magazinepile I was told when I had my MMC that it can take around three weeks to lose the preg hormone so tests can still be + 2-3 weeks later.

Hope all is ok taknlou

taknlou28 Wed 17-Aug-16 15:32:39

Thanks Magazinepile
They have offered a blood test today and Saturday to check the hcg levels but im gonna ride it out. As it sounds to the nurse like a chemical pregnancy xx

JFleur78 Sun 21-Aug-16 20:57:53

Hi, New to this site but pleased to find this thread whilst looking for advice online. Currently 7weeks pregnant with my 2nd, following 19 months ttc and a successful first round of clomid. Had light bleeding a week or so ago and my EPU were great and had a scan on Monday which showed heartbeat and measured 5 1/2-6 weeks which is about right, no cause of bleeding and dr had no concerns. Bleeding started again yesterday and has been slightly heavier than last week and there has been some clotting but still feel fine. Unfortunately we're away for a week and the local out of hours gp has said the only way I'll be seen here is if my bleeding is severe and I'm in extreme pain. It's such a worrying and horrible experience, especially as I had no problems during my pregnancy with my dd. Guess I'll have to just wait and see!
Hope all is ok taknlou x

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