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Abnormal sperm results -

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JOMH1982 Sat 11-Jun-16 13:51:11

My story is very long and some of you will have read already, but we have a healthy four year daughter and lost three babies in last three years (two early and one late). Undergoing investigations at st Mary's etc, but thought would get husband's sperm tested, and it's come back as abnormal in terms of low motility, mainly of abnormal shape and also indications of these results this morning and it's bison my mind...We conceive relatively easily (6 months or less) and our daughter was fine, but could this be a reason for our early losses? Could this infection have caused us to lose my. Second daughter at 20 weeks?? It's mind blowing.

Now they're suggesting he's infertile and infection is the likely cause, so I'm panicking that its game over and was hoping there are some success stories out there? I've been blaming myself all this time, and so much focus is on the female, so I'm shocked at this turn of events xx

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