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user1457217656 Sat 05-Mar-16 22:45:10

I had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago at nearly 12 weeks and my pregnancy test is still positive. Would I not be able to conceive again until the test is negative? I started trying again.

Vixxfacee Sat 05-Mar-16 22:50:58

Hi ,

So sorry to hear about your miscarriage flowers

I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and still had a positive test 2 weeks later.

JustineLittle Sat 05-Mar-16 23:20:13

Thank you Vix. I'm also sorry to hear about your mc.
I can't wait to try again but while having a positive test, I don't think it's possible to ovulate. Does anyone know?

fuzzywuzzy Sat 05-Mar-16 23:24:49

I was told you don't ovulate till your hcg levels have gone back to pre-pregnancy levels.

Have you had a scan to see if everything is clear?

I had a miscarriage two weeks ago and was told at the epu that if I didn't have a negative pregnancy test in a week I should go back.

I'm sorry for your loss.

JustineLittle Sat 05-Mar-16 23:39:01

I'll be called by a nurse next Wednesday to see if the test is negative. That will be nearly 3 weeks from my mc.
So I guess I'm not ovulating yet.

Thanks x

smellsofelderberries Mon 07-Mar-16 09:49:30

How close to negative is the test? Took me 12 days to finally get a negative test and then ovulated 4 days later. Apparently your body can gear up ovulated with HCG still in your system, you just won't actually release an egg until it's all gone. So there might only be a few days between a BFN and O.

JustineLittle Mon 07-Mar-16 10:07:18

Thank you for your reply!
My pregnancy test was negative yesterday and ovulation test positive, but I have doubts whether I can get pregnant yet. I think my body is still all over the place. We'll see what happens smile

Waitingformiracles Mon 07-Mar-16 22:24:16

It look me 4 weeks after my surgical management of miscarriage to get a negative on a pregnancy test and now 5 weeks on I seem to be hearing up to ovulate soon. I think miscarriages mess your body up a good deal.

JustineLittle Mon 07-Mar-16 22:43:58

Yes, true. I thought I started ovulating as I felt light pain around my ovaries but I'm still spotting a bit after 2.5 weeks so the discharge was different. I think it will settle a bit once I have my first period.

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