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How did you feel better after mc, physically as well as mentally?

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magnificatAnimaMea Fri 19-Feb-16 22:57:16

Just had mc, following molar pregnancy last year, immediately following mc.

Feeling bloody awful - just in terms of still bleeding, cramping, headachy, feeling like I want to cry for no reason, and feeling so exhausted that a perfectly normal walk to uni and back makes me want to faint. I can sleep 9pm-7am and go back to bed at 10am and 4pm and sleep for an hour each time. Obviously I am lucky that I can do that (though really should be studying for an exam on Tuesday). Going back to the GP next week for blood tests.

Did anyone do anything in particular that made them feel better?

Lou1791 Sat 20-Feb-16 10:44:31

Hi, I'm so sorry for what you're going through. A truly horrible time and not made any easier when you're still feeling physically unwell.
I've recently been diagnosed with a molar pregnancy (read your post on the mp and pmp thread.)
You haven't said when the mc started but I had two weeks off work during/after mine in Jan and still not feeling 100% now (think that's mostly down to the stress and anxiety of the molar.)
For the first week after what I thought was a mc, I felt like you are describing, I slept a lot but not at night; felt sick; lost appetite; headaches due to crying all the time. It was horrible. That first week I didn't do a lot to help it, just watched lots of films and read as a distraction. Only time I went out was to hospital for blood tests... Then when I had ERPC, nurse suggested taking short trips out over the following days to build up stamina and she was right.
My advice would be to give it time; you've gone through a lot. I've also found it helpful recently to get back to exercising (gently at first) and eating properly. Both have really helped my energy levels. I'm glad GP will do bloods for you, could be anaemia?
Hope you start to feel better soon and you've got someone to support you in rl. flowers

magnificatAnimaMea Sun 21-Feb-16 02:30:14

Thanks Lou. flowers

Yep, I am very lucky to have a supportive DH, and a couple of good friends whom I've been able to tell. The mc only started last Weds, so I'm not surprised I'm still feeling utterly crap, tired, dizzy, sick, headachy and still pregnant. But getting out and doing other things definitely helps. So does chocolate smile chocolate.

Lou1791 Sun 21-Feb-16 19:31:59

Agreed about chocolate! Feel better soon.

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