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Confused by what is happening

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Applecrumbling Thu 18-Feb-16 08:47:12

At the moment I'm still 'pregnant' chemically anyway. I'm 6 & 2.
Had a bleed (like period) last Friday morn for around 10 mins. I've had a scan and there is nothing in my uterus but my hcg levels are rising at least 60% every 48 hours.
I'm back for more bloods tomorrow. Hcg levels yesterday at 200.
Doc says there is still a chance all could be ok and too early to see in scan.
Any thoughts? I'm so confused 😔

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Pineapple80 Thu 18-Feb-16 09:36:07

Hi Apple,

I have been following your thread in the Pregnancy forum & sorry about all that has been happening to you. The not knowing part is the worst isn't it? I really feel for you and hope you get some answers soon. Have they ruled out ectopic if they did not see anything interuterine?

I got given news of a mmc this morning and waiting for it to start. I would have been 9w5d today but measured 6 weeks. Who knows how long it may take and I may opt for D&C is nothing happens after a week. I'm not as devastated as I thought I would be...not sure why, I had signs since week 5 - spotting and two wks ago the baby measured 6 wks when I was 7w5d, so I kind of knew something was up. I feel like I should be more sad but I have a 2yo DS who is keeping me busy and occupied which is actually really good.

I have my fingers crossed you get some answers soon, take care xx

I remember from your other thread you have only just found out about your pregnancy before this all happened - must be heart breaking. Sorry I cannot really be of much help, by maybe you

Applecrumbling Fri 19-Feb-16 07:34:11

Hi pineapple, thanks for your reply. They haven't yet ruled out ectopic but not have any symptoms of ectopic.
Yes it's the not knowing what is happening that's difficult and also suffering symptoms. Am I pregnant or not?
Very sorry what you're going through too. It may be that you're numb at the moment. Distraction definitely helps the time go by..

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