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ERPC / SMM - My experience

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MissClarke86 Sun 07-Feb-16 20:11:21

I wanted to sure, as I did so much googling trying to find out about people's experiences of SMM/ERPC.

Background: I have known that I would lose my baby for what seems like eternity - began bleeding very early on (at about 6 weeks), underdeveloped sac, wait 2 weeks, potential foetal pole but still measuring way behind, wait another 2 weeks, another scan shows no foetal pole. Booked ERPC under local but the day I turned up I started to miscarry naturally. 2 weeks later...still bleeding and still pregnant.

Went for one last scan that showed potential tissue remaining so booked in for an ERPC - general this time. Last time I wanted to be in and out quickly. This time I just wanted to not be awake for it. Emotionally I feel I began to heal a while ago as I knew very early on things weren't right, but physically the bleeding (constantly since mid-November) has driven me insane.

So today I had my procedure. Had to get up at 5.30 to get to the hospital for 7am. (QMC - Nottingham). I wasn't nervous about the operation particularly, just apprehensive about the whole event. Had some pre-op checks and was taken to the ward - I was given my own side room which I appreciated. The nurse administered vaginal pessaries (quick and painless) to open the cervix. I felt vaguely achey, but I think my cervix was already open from the constant bleeding. I had to wait an hour or so, and was then taken to theatre. They stuck a few monitors in my chest, and an IV in my hand. They then out a small amount of the anaesthetic in "to relax me" and I felt whoozy. The last thing I remember is them giving me some oxygen through a mask and I was gone, so they must have out more anaesthetic in. It literally took milliseconds and I had no memory of "going to sleep".

The next thing I knew I woke up - quickly and very wide awake! I remember going on about it all being "amazing" and how "amazing" the staff are lol But I must have still been a bit out of it because apparently the surgeon spoke to me and I don't remember this. A lovely lady from theatre ( a nurse?) stayed with me in recovery, we had a chat about teaching and nursing and how they are underappreciated professions. I bled quite heavily during that first 15 mins so she helped me to change pads and cleaned me up - very supportive and dignified. I was then taken back to the ward room and given some toast and tea. I continued to bleed (with one clot) which worried me a bit. I stayed another 2 hours (and was offered more food!) and then they came to discharge me about 1pm. I was still bleeding but not as heavily. I had absolutely no pain and felt 100% fine!

They gave me a sick note (note- they advise a week off! I'm not planning on taking a week off unless I really need it - I thrive in work, but still the sick note is there if needed.) they also gave me Azithromycin (an antibiotic). I had to take 4 capsules there and then.

I got home and felt fine for an hour or two, but then had quite bad stomach ache (not where my uterus was - actual stomach ache, very tender). I think that was a side effect of the antibiotics, not the operation. I slept for a couple of hours and have since woken up and had dinner. I'm bleeding lightly and feeling absolutely fine. I am now just crossing my fingers they got everything, but that will be another 2 week wait and hope that the bleeding stops. We don't plan on trying again for a few months - part of me wants to. But part of me cannot go through all of this again so soon physically (not to mention the amount of time off work), and I need to be prepared for that. They have offered me an early reassurance scan if/when I get pregnant again

Sorry if this has been boring...I found it quite therapeutic to write it all down, and hope it might help anyone waiting for an ERPC/SMM to feel happier about the process. Aside from some moments of waiting around for quite a while (no ones fault), I absolutely cannot fault any of the NHS staff. They were absolutely lovely from start to finish - I even managed to have a laugh and joke with them along the way. And they deserve recognition for that.


MissClarke86 Sun 07-Feb-16 20:12:10

That first word "sure" was meant to say "post".

charlotte1990 Mon 08-Feb-16 19:22:55

Sounds like what I went through sort of... had the waiting was Bleeding over Xmas then went for a scan on the 4th and they said I was measuring small 3 weeks less than what i should have been had to go back a week later longest week ever so 2 weeks must have felt like forever for you.
Takes time to sink in and you will have down days. The staff at my hospital were lovely too. Make sure you rest you may find some pain in your lower stomache in the next few days but it's normal. I took paracetamol 3-4 days after mine as it was still a bit painful. I bled for about 1 week and 5 days then I come on my period 2 days ago only took 3 weeks and 4 days from the Erpc. We are going to let nature takes its course and if it happens it's meant to be took me 8months to fall and we planned it so this time just want to chill... think I'll feel better about it all once I'm pregnant again but will probably be a wreck of nerves. Sorry for going on..

Pineapple80 Sat 20-Feb-16 10:18:31

Thanks for your post OP. Sorry about your loss. Had my mmc confirmed last Thursday, I also knew things weren't right as things were measuring couple weeks behind too and I had repeat scans over several wks which showed growth but not enough. Had bit of spotting on and off so suspected something was wrong but still hoped for a miracle! Anyway I'm doing ok now and taking my GP's advice to wait a week to see if things happen naturally and I think if not then I'll go for erpc. Had my hormone levels tested and they're still quite high, so I guess it could be a while before any bring happens on its own.

It was really helpful to hear what you went through, just to know what to expect etc. thank you smile

PotatoesPastaAndBread Sun 21-Feb-16 11:06:31

Hi missclarke, thank you for sharing your experience.
I'm booked for an erpc on Tuesday. I'm currently 8+3 but the pregnancy is anembryonic. I have not had any bleeding at all.
It's useful to know how long I might bleed for after the procedure. I'm hoping to be ok to go back to work following Monday. I've already been off fir a week since discovering the mmc.
Good luck with your recovery.

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