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Miscarriage now

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Djnickyd Tue 02-Feb-16 10:51:50

Hello all, my first post after feeling like there is not enough info given from doctors I've found this site very helpful

I been bleeding since Friday and Sunday eve 10pm I went up A&E and they didn't even look at me and sent me home, then at midnight I woke up bleeding heavily, back up A&E finally they saw me, 4 attempts to get blood, she damaged my vein had to get someone else to do it, then went to be scanned, had to undress bottom half and sat there for 20 min waiting for the doctor, not a nice experience, they asked if my dates were wrong as it was tiny and I should be 11 weeks, no heartbeat. I got another NHS scan Friday but felt this was too long to wait so I booked a private scan for today. Unfortunately I've woke up and sat on the toilet for 1 hour with constant blood dripping. I think it's happening now. Ive had mild contractions. Had to cancel my scan. What now? How long will I bleed for and how much blood is normal?

I'm devastated xx

sarahanne4 Tue 02-Feb-16 12:08:30

Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've also just (last week) had a mc at 8 weeks (1st pregnancy). I was sent for a scan by the mw, so luckily no a&e although I had to wait 2 days for the appt. I wasn't as far along as you and I finished bleeding yesterday (so 7 days) and I had some very bad cramping (although I do suffer horrendous period pain, it was very similar to what I have every month).

Everyone is different and I should imagine it takes some longer than others to stop bleeding. I had to go back in 48hrs after the initial scan to have bloods taken to ensure my HCG levels were going down ok (ie no missed ectopic or molar pregnancy) and found that was a good time to ask all the questions I forgot on the first appt. they also gave me a pregnancy test to take at the end of this week to confirm everything.

I ended up taking a week off work due to the intermittent cramping and heavy bleeding. If you inform your work you are suffering a mc they cannot put it down to sick leave, as it's related to pregnancy.

I hope your as OK as you can be right now thanks xxx

Djnickyd Tue 02-Feb-16 13:07:49

Sorry for your loss, it's heart breaking

I definitely agree need another appointment to ask all the questions I forgot to ask. I passed big clots now so I feel it's near

I lost my first at 24 weeks but had a healthy boy who's 2 now

Thanks for your reply, I hope you are feeling better now xx

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