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Pregnancy after MMC

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alisonfindlay73 Sat 08-Aug-15 21:49:15

I had medical management (inserted tablets internally) on monday 13th july after having a booking in scan and being told there is no heartbeat. So anyway i have bled for almost 4 weeks with a day off every so often. Me and OH have decided to try again, anyway my question it possible to conceive even though i have been bleeding? Any advice would be greatly appreciated xxxxxx

Writemove Sat 08-Aug-15 22:04:21

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I did in November 2012. I waited until I got a negative pregnancy test and had one period before I started trying. I couldn't bear the thought of not knowing my dates accurately and then I wouldn't know If the scans were ok.

I got pregnant the first month after that period and my 21 month old is now sleeping upstairs.

While you are bleeding your body is still getting rid of everything it needs to. If you can't wait for a period maybe you could do conception testing sticks.

I'm still surprised that there are only three days a month or so that you can actually become pregnant.

Nousername2015 Sun 09-Aug-15 07:12:13

Ditto the poster above. We waited for one period (and it was a reallly bad period for me, not saying it wojld be like that for everyone) then started trying again and fell on again that month. Scans have measured up exactly to LMP so far. There is lots of women who concieve straight after but I personally wouldnt have been able to handle the stress with the dates, I needed the time to get my head straight and also I trusted that my body had recovered. If you go for it again straight away it's really important to test and get a bfn before you start trying. Sorry you've had to go through this.

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