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How long did your MC take to pass and for you to get a negative HPT result?

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FeatheredTail Thu 09-Jul-15 16:49:49

Hi all

I'm sure this might have been covered on another post, but would really appreciate some advice.

Had an early scan at 7+4 on 12 June. Showed an empty sac. I was absolutely devastated. It was my first pregnancy and very much wanted - conceived on the first try.

On 16 June I started to miscarry. I bled heavily for a week. It then lessened for a few days and then turned to brown stringy discharge for a week.

Last week it stopped and I felt well enough to DTD with my DH. I took (randomly) an OPK that came up positive. I was delighted I was ovulating again and we DTD a bit more, hoping that a miracle might happen and I would conceive again.

I've since learned that OPKs detect pregnancy hormone....and, lo and behold, took a test that showed a positive result - a hangover of pregnancy hormone I'm still carrying.

I've also started bleeding again - both brown discharge and red blood. I took a HPT this morning that I thought was negative - on closer inspection it now has a faint positive.

I'm losing faith a bit. sad

How long can I expect this to continue? I am desperate to start TTC again. I'm feeling so so low with the bleeding and HCG positives.

Any advice you can share or experiences you've had would help.

Brummiegirl15 Fri 10-Jul-15 13:33:25

I'm afraid with my 3rd miscarriage it took 4 weeks. Mc's 1 & 2 took 2 weeks to be negative.

It's shitty, but if you want to TTC again straight away you need to keep testing until it's negative.

Don't give up hope though, I'm pregnant for the 4th time and I'm currently 10 wks flowers it does happen

strawberrycrumble Fri 10-Jul-15 16:30:34

Hi, im so sorry you have had to go through this too, heres my experience. Started bleeding on 4th june at 11 weeks pregnant, had a scan on 6th june which showed an empty sac. I passed the sac the next day and bled for 2 weeks after. It took 3 weeks to get a negative test.

Best wishes to you, I know just how awful it feels x

tossedsalads Fri 10-Jul-15 17:27:26

Hi FeatheredTail

I have a very similar problem at the minute...I m/c some time between 13th-20th June at 6-7 weeks, was bleeding quite heavily all this time.

My preg tests are Still showing positive. I am so fed up. I made the same mistake as you and about one week ago did an OPK and got positive, I was so happy as thought that I was ovulating but now realise it was probably picking up HCG. I have no clue when my cycle will return and it's very disheartening.
hope you are ok x

FeatheredTail Fri 10-Jul-15 20:54:00

Thank you so so much ladies. As awful as it sounds and as much as I wouldn't wish what I'm going through on my worst enemy, it really helps to know other people are going through or have gone through the same experience.

tossedsalads - the realisation the opk was false felt almost as bad as seeing the empty sac on the scan. Such a cruel, cruel trick.

Here's hoping to some healthy pregnancies and babies for us all soon.

fhdl34 Sun 12-Jul-15 18:18:42

Thank you for starting this thread. I started bleeding on 3rd July at 6+5, had scan on 7th July at 7+2 and there was nothing there, just thick lining. They did a test there and there was the faintest line and the nurse said she was happy with that enough to say it wasn't ectopic. My bleeding has since ramped up a lot (passed a palm sized piece of grey and purple tissue that was 1cm thick on Saturday after a lot of cramping). I tested today and got a very definite line. I was going to go to the doctor tomorrow and request a blood test to be sure that my hcg is dropping as it should be as this line is much darker than the one last but maybe I don't need to? She never said it could take a long time to get a negative result

mrsfazruns Sun 12-Jul-15 19:14:13

I had a MMC in December and unfortunatley it took 9.5 weeks for me to get a BFN .... You should contact Gp or EPAU if positive after 2 weeks though to make sure you have not retained any pregnancy (sorry for the term I know it sounds awful)

Sorry you are going through this .... I Understand the stress of it and it's a horrible place to be!

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