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what to expect after a miscarriage?

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HotFudge87 Tue 02-Jun-15 10:44:22

Hi smile

I had a mc 2 weeks ago at 6+6weeks. I've almost convinced myself that I caused it to happen. I went to a circuits class on the Monday, and on the Tuesday my mc started. My stomach muscles ached for a week instead of the usual day after, and when ever I have done anything involving abs since my stomach aches like AF is coming. I went to circuits again last night, same thing with stomach cramps (not severe) and when I got home and went to loo there was a huge jelly like blob of discharge when I wiped (sorry for tmi, was kinda like a huge ball of that sticky glue you get on back of bank cards in the post). So I guess what I'm trying to ask is; is all this normal? I assumed because the mc happened so early that once the bleeding had stopped I was kind of back to normal? X

FinallyHere Tue 02-Jun-15 10:52:55

I'm sure lots more knowledgable people will be along soon.

Meanwhile, I couldn't read and run without saying how sorry I am for your loss and how sure I am that you cannot have caused what has happened by attending a pilates class. The much longer than usual pain thereafter does, I think, confirm this.

Hugs or, incase you are not a hugs type person, a friendly hand on the shoulder. xx

HotFudge87 Tue 02-Jun-15 15:01:21

Thank you FinallyHere. I just see it as a huge coincidence that I went to circuits then it started the following day, and that I ache when I do exercise sad x

dobbythedoggy Tue 02-Jun-15 16:25:16

I know how you feel. Part of me wants to blame myself.

I started to mc on bankhoilday monday after having a really busy few days doing lots of things. On friday I took dd to two diffrent parks and clothes shopping, lots of running around, lifting her, pushing swings and helping her on the climbibg frame. On saturday we went food shopping and to the garden centre hot house, again lots of lifting and carrying her. On sunday we went to the park, around the garden centre again then out with my sister for the afternoon. On monday we went to a park further afield and played for a couple of hours. When we got home I noticed I was starting to spot which was the start of it all.

But I'm lucky enough to have a lovely former school friend who just happens to be a midwife at the local hospital epu. Who knows me well enough to knock some sence into me, and has been constantly reminding me it wasn't my falut. Doing something you do every day, care for an energetic toddler in my case, didn't cause it. She even said if I'd walked around on my hands for the last 5 weeks it wouldn't have caused it!

HotFudge87 Tue 02-Jun-15 17:08:14

Awww dobby I'm sorry for your loss. I feel silly I'm still getting upset about it too. I've been kinda OK the last week but today I'm an emotional wreck. Arguing with DH over text, getting cross with my DD and our puppy is driving me insane and making me feel regret for getting him sad one of my neighbours is also pg. We found out the same day and were due 3 days apart. I've another friend who I'm sure is convinced I'm pg, getting me to hold her newborn and asking me why I've not been to certain exercise classes. I got my for now dream job 2 months ago. Still waiting to start but see no point now as by time I've done my 6 day induction and have a start date I'll be leaving to go to uni. My DH is going thru a phase of thinking we are made of money and wanting to buy random, unnecessary things, but I know next week he will be moaning saying we've no money. Sorry for the rant to anyone who actually reads this, let alone gets to this point. I just have had enough. I could quite happily have a week by myself in middle of nowhere and not actually miss anything or anyone. X

dobbythedoggy Tue 02-Jun-15 18:31:31

That must be so hard. Sorry you're having such a low day.

The epu have been on the phone this evening, just a quick call, to make sure I didn't want to go over anything from the appointment with them or have any other questions. Have arrange to phone back in a couple of weeks as we want ttc again asap, but said to give them a call if I have any worries or questions. Could you phone yours tomorrow for a bit of reassurance?

Any chance of a week by yourself? Or just a few hours on your own doing whatever you feel like? Dh is making sure to give me a some time without dd by taking her out. Unfortantly he also wants to spend money we don't have, but learnt long ago unless he wants to take responsablity for all the bills not to moan about not being to buy everything he fancys.

I hope you are able to have a peaceful day tomorrow.

HotFudge87 Tue 02-Jun-15 19:58:20

Thank you smile
That's lovely of your epu to contact you! Mine was just a quick in out job! Dh and I will never agree where money is concerned. He will splurge on what ever fad he fancies at the time then moan we're broke later. Don't really get much chance of time to myself. DH works away a bit, the weeks he's here I go to circuits on a Monday, dd is at nursery Tuesday mornings so that's nice. But come the afternoon I feel like I need a break. And she's not even hard work! She's a happy wee thing and can entertain herself. Think its more the monotony of my day and my life. I should be grateful really we're all healthy. Once I start uni I'm sure I'll be happier. I just need something for me. Hope that doesn't sound selfish!?
All the best for TTC and your future pregnancies smile x

dobbythedoggy Tue 02-Jun-15 20:31:51

Tomorrow morning try to do something for yourself, whatever you fancy.

We'd be in dire straights if dh had anything to do with our finances. Money to him equals cds and djing equepment or cues!

Good luck at uni, I'm sure you'l enjoy it. What are you going to be studying?

Could you do some reading aroud your chosen subjuct, something you could do for you when dd is around?

My dd loves colouring in, we both have our own books, and do it on days before tea when I need some quiet. She's also getting into reading, something we can do together but still gives me some head space. I'm a sahm as dh's hours or so unpredictable, dd is an easy child but I'm still exhausted by mid afternoon, it's so much harder when I'm not feeling 100%.

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