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5 miscarriages , what next.

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hopefullyblessed Sat 20-Dec-14 03:20:29

I have experienced 5 miscarriages in one year, and i must say it has left me numb.I dont know who else to talk to because noone around me seems to understand.right now i am going through my 5th miscarriage...But ill start off with my history.the first time i became pregnant ever was last year in november, it was pure accident but i did embrace it.well AF was due dec13 my bday , the day before that dec12 i experienced some brown spotting, i asked my mom if it was normal, she said yeah as long as its not red,well the next day my bday guess what i see, red blood, so i miscarried it was like i was never even pregnant seeing i miscarried on the day my AF was due, but the strange thing is i found out i was pregnant 2 weeks before my miscarriage/AF, so i chalked it up to chromosome abnormalities cause i obviously ovulated very early.i grieved about it,and i actually blamed God, i am so shamed and i have asked for forgiveness since.But after experiencing such brief joy i decided i wanted a baby. so me and my bf started being unprotective to see what would happen,in march i fell pregnant again and the same thing happend when my periode was due i miscarried, again this happend in april and july well coming august of this year... i didnt get a periode cause sometimes after miscarraige my body didnt adjust well i finally got AF oct 13th.and it was a lil early then i expected but my body was adjusting how it could i guess well i ovulate so late on nov 10 i took ovulation test and charted cm so i know for sure and my obgyn confirmed.but i did get pregnant.well i rushed and made a appointment and i even seen my lil babis heart beat,but today i lost all my symptoms my pregnancy test are lighter....and at first they were darker then the control line,and my obgyn did put me on progesterone but apperently that isnt working either. i have experience spoting and a sharp pain in my cervix i guess. but i am 100% sure i am misscarrying tommorow we are basicly gonna confirm it i guess. i have not taken the progesterone today cause i heard and can delay a in viable pregnancy and with christmas coming up i kinda want this over with, just getting a d&c and moving on...but family r telling me to be hopeful and not to speak negative cause it will happen. i feel like i shouldnt build up false hope when i shouldnt be hopeful and saying something doesnt make it true, it is what it is.but i just dont know where to go from here ...i guess i wanna know if anyone had a succesful pregnancy after alot of miscarriages, and if so what did u do to sustain your pregnancy.

sizethree Sat 20-Dec-14 11:19:59

Hi hopefully. I'm so sorry to read your story and for your losses. It's a huge amount to go through in a year and you sound very strong to be able to handle it.
After three losses you can be referred to the Recurrant miscarriage clinic at your hospital. Have you been seen by them?
There's alsk a thread on this board with a loveky group of us that are all unfortunate enough to be suffering from recurrent miscarriages so please feel free to join us on that as it is such a wealth of knowledge and there's many success stories on there too.

bakingtins Sat 20-Dec-14 12:04:22

Hi hopeful sorry you have had such a shitty year. After 3 losses (and chemical pregnancies count) you should have been referred for a standard set of tests, but I wonder if you're not in the UK? If a MC is confirmed this time I would really push for genetic testing of the embryo, you need to know of you are suffering losses because of genetic problems or some maternal factor. I had 3 losses between sept 2012-June 2013 (3rd one after normal NHS tests and on progesterone) then a successful pregnancy after a diagnosis of high NK cells from Prof Quenby at Coventry, treated with progesterone, heparin and steroids.
Come and join the recurrent miscarriage support thread, wonderful friends there who will support you through thick and thin, and a lot of combined knowledge of the field.

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