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PCOS and Miscarriage?

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escorpion Thu 07-Aug-14 16:40:59

I have just been told I have polycystic ovaries after an internal scan, this was never mentioned to me before after previous scans but I guess they weren´t looking for it. Anyhow, I´m not sure yet if I have the syndrome because I have always conceived quite easily but never been able to sustain a pregnancy past 8 weeks. The embryo has always measured small. I do have oily and acne prone skin and was given meds during my 20s for this reason, and if I did not excercise as much as I did, I would certainly be overweight.

Do any of you know if there is any relation bewteen PCOS and miscarriage? For what it is worth I also have hypothyroidism, vitiglio and boderline anaemia. I would be interested to hear your experiences thanks

escorpion Thu 07-Aug-14 16:43:31

Also, I have just started testing for recurrent miscarriage, and this was one of the first things on the list as well as genetic testing on both mine and DH´s blood samples. I am unable to see my gyno until the beginning of October so I would be interested in hearing what might be the next steps. Thank you.

lucysnowe Thu 07-Aug-14 17:40:51

Hi escorpion sorry to hear of your problems. I started a thread on the same topic a while back - am on tablet right nnow but will dig it up later. Basically I have pcos too althought my symptoms are different and I had a misscarriage in between two healthy pregnancies. fwiw, I took metformin for the two successful pgs and not for the unsuccessful line. There's more to it tthan tthat tho - will get back to yyou!

lucysnowe Thu 07-Aug-14 17:46:48

Here it is:

the info is about four years old tho so there may have been updates since. If you search for pcos on this topic you can probably find more info. Good luck with your journey flowers

escorpion Thu 07-Aug-14 17:51:29

Thanks so much lucy thanks

longestlurkerever Thu 14-Aug-14 20:31:55

escorpion I also have pcos and have had three mcs (and one healthy dd). I can conceive though my cycles are long. I just came back from my appointment with the rmc and they diagnosed nothing wrong, I am a bit gutted. The Dr said pcos can cause miscarriage in two ways: first by increased blood clotting which I have been tested for and don't have, and the other by high (or is it low??) insulin levels, which I also have been tested for and don't have. Metformin treats the latter but since my insulin levels are normal the Dr wouldn't prescribe it for me.

I am sceptical that my miscarriages are totally unconnected to the pcos as I have been advised but I am not sure what more I can do really. Any advice anyone has would be helpful. The Dr was Mr Rai at St Mary's recurrent miscarriage clinic.

escorpion Mon 18-Aug-14 16:15:53

So sorry to hear of that longest I have an appointment next month with my endocrinologist, and I think you are normally referred to them for the insulin issues. My gyno appointment is not until the beginning of October!! But I will see what tests my endocrinologist can send me to do. I am worried as here in Chile where I live, doctors can follow different methods and not all are ok with giving aspirin to patients, or are up to date with newer ways of treating fertility issues. If I do find out any information I will be sure to pass it on to you. Someone told me that with PCOS, because you have those follicles or under ripened eggs, sometimes the message gets sent that you aren´t pregnant but in fact ready to release one of those eggs, hence your body says you are having a period and you loose the pregnancy. Not sure how much of that is true, but I am keen to find out as much as I can about this. I really hope you can get some help as it can´t be helpful not to have any answers.

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